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7 Secrets to Outsmarting Your Supermarket

Look Past the Super Marketing to Protect Your Wallet and Your Waistline


3/8/2017 10:19:15 AM

Good advice. I've done the sampling when in Sam's club. Christmas hubby wanted the cheesecake we sampled to take to the dinner on Christmas day. At least we shared it.
2/16/2017 11:58:56 AM

Once I learned I was diabetic, I stopped buying and eating sweets. Just like that. I can walk right by the Entemann's or Fritos or whatever isn't healthy like it isn't even there. My dietician lets me have a small square of unfrosted cake (which I bake myself) Friday night and Saturday lunch to celebrate the Sabbath. Otherwise, I eat no cake, no snack foods, no soda, etc. during the rest of the week. And I'm not even tempted. I try to find recipes that feature veggies, poultry, and fish. I still have issues with portion control, but at least the foods I do eat are the ones I should be eating: whole grains, poultry (skin off), fruits, veggies, water, etc. I eat pretty few prepared foods so that I can control the sodium, too. As soon as this Bell's palsy clears up, I want to enroll in exercise classes. I'm starting to walk more again on nice days. Hey---I'm TRYING!
1/28/2017 8:35:38 PM

CAROL0512's SparkPage
In winter when I have a bulky coat I place the coat in the cart. This "fills up" the cart and helps me to buy less.
1/7/2017 11:54:28 AM

I enjoy grocery shopping and do use a list. I also eat samples and try to count them in my Nut stats for the day.
1/4/2017 11:58:25 AM

Great ideas. Some were new to me, some not. Heading to the store today so this will be a wonderful challenge. I'm in!.
12/15/2016 9:33:42 AM

DOTBVAR's SparkPage
Loved the article. Nice to be reminded to stand firm in the grocery store and not give in to impulse buying. Need to strengthen both my self-determination as well as my finances.
12/2/2016 5:03:11 AM

TUKARAMA's SparkPage
As for the free samples... our grocery stores only give out free wine, brandy, and rum. No food. And I will log it in my tracker - but free booze?! Yeah, you know it!
11/24/2016 8:08:07 AM

SOXENDINE18's SparkPage
All common sense things we all probably already know to do,but don't. Great to be reminded so it becomes an everyday lifestyle habit though.
10/5/2016 3:46:59 PM

LVNKNIT's SparkPage
THIS was a great article, seems like common sense, but it isn't always easy to avoid the "traps" and manipulations!
9/27/2016 5:17:22 AM

I only go down the aisles that have items that are on my list. That way I am not tempted to buy things I don't want to.
8/28/2016 1:52:44 PM

FUNKYG1's SparkPage
One of the things I have learned through my weight loss journey is to shop the perimeter of the store first. My supermarket opens to the produce section so I shop there first then the dairy, meat and finally the deli (not that I buy anything there) but it right by the bread aisle. IF I still need anything I then go to the aisles. Coffee, Tea, soup for hubby, some juices, etc. are in the aisles. Shopping the perimeter usually gives me all I need for the next week. As an old TV ad proclaimed "Try it, you'll like it".
7/27/2016 7:23:05 AM

SPECPAPA2's SparkPage
This is my second trip on Spark. Grocery shopping FROM A LIST and timing your trip with the goals of Sticking to the list and spending the least amount of time in the store. I shop the Walmart Neighborhood Market and I list shop. I also uses their app for submitting my receipt so they give me money back if competitors are lower. 22 local competitors show up on the comparison. I don't need coupons and I don't have to shop multiple stores or read ads. Try it. You'll love it.
5/23/2016 1:28:39 PM

I love the 'Boycott the Bakery' line. I normally can smell the fresh baked bread or donuts if I go grocery shopping in the morning.
I now know how to avoid those temptations.
5/17/2016 11:28:34 AM

I find sometimes you have to shop with metaphorical blinders on - for me that's a well thought out and clearly written grocery list and an absolute limit on how much I can spend.
5/17/2016 10:16:30 AM

I like all the Battle plans . .

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