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7 Secrets to Outsmart Your Supermarket

Look Past the Super Marketing to Protect Your Wallet and Your Waistline


9/29/2009 9:45:14 AM

NRKEVO's SparkPage
These are things I've known for a while, and I am lucky that I rarely (if ever) fall into the traps. My favorite thing to do while standing in the grocery line is read all the magazine covers (and generally roll my eyes). Of course, the ones with organizational ideas generally end up in my hands, but NOT in my cart! I have a list and certain things I buy every trip to the store and MAYBE once a month I might buy something indulgent. (Like the Pringles Honey Butter snack sticks I bought yesterday.) ;-)
9/29/2009 9:38:58 AM

It may sound funny but my husband and I no longer shop together. We found when we do we seem to indulge each other. When we go alone we are serious about following the list that we wrote before one of us left for the store. It has worked much better for our budget and my weight loss.
9/29/2009 8:26:19 AM

Excellent info, it always helps not to go grocery shopping whilst hungry or if you have the children with you. If you can't help either of these I used to go and eat a fruit snack with the children before shopping so that we wouldn't be hungry or tempted, and then get them to help me to find the items on my list. it worked like a charm. Their reward was one and only one healthy treat when we had finished shopping or one dvd rental on our way home. I liked the last one best- no calories!
9/29/2009 5:20:19 AM

Gosh I've just realised I'm a store owners dream shopper. Thank you for pointing out what a wally i am! Time to break out the self-discipline.
9/29/2009 2:23:21 AM

AKELAZ's SparkPage
Another reminder that what we put in our shopping trolleys we also put in our mouths! Thanks so much for grouping the pitfalls and the avoidance strategies together like this. Certainly made me re-think my shopping.
8/23/2009 11:05:00 PM

OSUCOWBY's SparkPage
Excellent article Sarah. The comment at the beginning of the article that supermarkets spend thousands of dollars to learn what people will buy, and when, and how the market can increase that purchasing is right on the money. The cost of food and the price we pay is very close, and sometimes we pay LESS than the item cost (a strategy called "Loss Leaders") so that the manfacturer can keep their other money makers in prime locations. Food is not like luxury cars. there is very little margin.

Again, excellent article!
8/18/2009 8:01:21 PM

We determine what goes into our grocery stores. Buy healthy and we'll have more healthy things, but give into those salty, sweet convenience foods and they'll just keep adding and pushing those.
8/8/2009 6:24:51 PM

My Super WalMart has a huge salamander of roasted and fried chicken packaged up to go and smelling to high heaven, just at the check out aisles. I cannot get out of that store without buying one. I used to buy the fried chicken, it is $1 less expensive and looks so crunchy! Now I get a roasted no-salt, bring it home and strip the skin and fat and cut it in serving pieces; let it rest on paper towels, and refrigerate it in a plastic bin, throwing out the original container, meat skin, backbone, all of that. This is a BIG change for me, thanks to SP!
7/8/2009 12:40:52 PM

good idea to make shopping a game for kids, that's one of the hardest parts about shopping for me! They always want the things I would never buy if they weren't with me
7/7/2009 11:56:07 AM

C-MOWSE's SparkPage
Thanks for the great ideas. They're a good reminder, especially to fall for the seasonal displays that work on your emotions to have a "perfect" holiday.
6/6/2009 7:45:22 PM

CHUBBETTE33's SparkPage
Thanks for the great tips.
6/1/2009 11:55:32 AM

Great pointers - all so true!
5/22/2009 8:26:03 PM

VICTORY26's SparkPage
Thank I really needed that!!
5/19/2009 9:14:04 AM

EOSAURORA84's SparkPage
I enjoyed this. It was full of useful info. thank you
5/8/2009 6:30:23 AM

Good article, but I agree whole heartedly, the supermarkets are there providing us with a service and they need to make a profit...otherwise we'd all be growing our own produce and slaughtering our own livestock LOL.
I really dont know how your supermarkets work in the U.S. but here in Europe the best bit of advice I ever came across was in a womens magazine, years ago. Basically, here in Portugal its so true, shop backwards. The majority of our supermarkets here have all the nice stuff at the beginning when you are fresh, not fed up yet, and wow, those colours and offers seem so good. Walk in, go straight to the end and work your way back to the beginning. It really works, by the time you've hit the fruit and veg, you really dont want to go looking at perfume, shampoo, chocolates on offer etc. Try it if it's applicable at your local.
Of course, the best ever advice is not to shop hungry. Even if you take a quick expresso just before you walk in, never be hungry nor 101

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