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7 Secrets to Outsmarting Your Supermarket

Look Past the Super Marketing to Protect Your Wallet and Your Waistline


12/7/2011 5:09:21 PM

I enjoyed this article; it never hurts to be reminded of the warnings about going hungry or "listless" lol! I'm bothered that stores are now stocking things by brand, and some are creating "convenience" sections where single recipe ingredients are all together -- what if we don't WANT to make a spicy meatloaf or a big pan of lasagna every week? Mainly, though, I find that shopping when I am not hurried, and putting THOUGHT into any purchases that look enticing in the store, helps. Have also thought about taking my .mp3 player along, because some days the canned music and hubbub seem very distracting to smart shopping!
8/28/2011 8:03:25 AM

IRISHEI's SparkPage
Shopping after breakfast or lunch is the best time for me, not to be tempted to buy the sugary snacks and salty snacks. This article is a great reminder on how to control
all these snack addictions.
Thanks so much!
8/12/2011 9:23:33 AM

How about those candy bars as you check out at Walgreen's? Sometimes the Dark Chocolate Snickers bars are just too hard to resist so I have to work them into my daily allowances.
4/10/2011 5:53:24 PM

This article really seems to question our intelligence as consumers. I think we all know that it is best to shop with a list and stick to what's on the list; I didn't really need to read five pages of redundancy to prove it.
4/10/2011 1:02:30 PM

I forgot all about eating the piece of fruit on the way home.....I did that in my thin days...sorry Snickers bar or are being left on the shelf!!! Thanks for the reminder.
2/7/2011 10:09:25 AM

KB_KABIR's SparkPage
Hmmm...I liked this article. I find that I enjoy walking up and down the aisles because I find it fun. I typically don't buy extra items unless I know how I was going to use or cook with it. Fresh produce is the only place where I allow my whims to spontaneously take over.
1/22/2011 11:12:34 PM

Agree with the previous comment of shopping the perimeter of the store. Also a lot of smaller chains have bins where you can buy bulk lentils, rice, beans, and grains. These are handy to stock up on (reasonably priced) to experiment with some good recipes.
1/22/2011 8:43:23 PM

It great idea, but how do you keep teens or almost teen from getting unhealthy food?
1/22/2011 1:33:29 PM

CAZ5346's SparkPage
Due to a bad hip, my hubby does grocery shopping and YES he brings home a lot of junk food. Since most grocery stores have electric carts I'm going to go with him and get some healthy food.
1/22/2011 7:49:37 AM

Lists, lists, lists! I won't go into the store without one unless I am picking up a single item I forgot or something like that. The store I go to (Wegmans) has a phone app where you can create grocery lists from what they have in the store. It tells you right where everything is so no need to wander. It's great! I mostly shop produce, meats and spices so have no need to go into the isles.

The other thing, besides list, a person should be armed with is the understanding and capability of reading all labels, even on some meats. There is hidden salt and sugar in nearly everything!
11/19/2010 3:15:00 AM

I see desperate mothers going through the routines. I eye point for point all issues you wrote- a profit over their customers health.. I think some people should be ashamed of their selling ethics..
11/12/2010 5:11:54 PM

I made a very clever discovery one day: I spent less money on groceries when I was alone than when I had my husband with me, and even less when I went without my teens.

I realize that shopping alone isn't always an option for everyone and I'm grateful I can do this, but when I'm alone I don't have my husband asking "do you need this?" or "did you get enough of that?" and my teens, well, they don't even ask. Plop, into the cart when I'm not looking and then I get a surprise at the checkout because, well well well, they loaded the card onto the conveyor. Mom didn't catch it until it was through the checkout. I get home and unload groceries and start pulling "foreign objects" out of the bags, wondering where all the junk came from! Sneaky little monkeys, they are!
8/13/2010 2:12:29 PM

I would also add: try and stay away from the aisles. The fresh food is on the perimeter. Think produce, meats, dairy...I know kids like the cookies, etc., but if you can probably make a healthier snack for everyone if you use fresh ingredients. I am starting to make it my habit to not go down the aisle with the cookies, soft drinks or canned food (if possible). My children are older and will say..."Didn't you buy any pop?" Nope...go get it yourself (with your own money), if you want it. Solves that problem (for the moment anyway). Great advice. Thanks.
7/28/2010 2:30:15 PM

RAEANN76's SparkPage
Thanks for the great tips on shopping wisely. However, the comment about "flipping through a magazine" while you're waiting in the checkout line is not a good one. The magazines are not there for your perusal unless you have a serious intent to buy one and want to flip through it. Your local library has magazines for you to flip through without buying. Another idea while waiting: mentally tally your groceries by rounding off and adding them up either in your head or on a piece of paper (using tallies). Many people have no idea how much money is in their grocery cart and if they did, they would probably put some things back on the shelf.
7/19/2010 10:14:18 PM

MELMART89's SparkPage
The hubs and I have been diligently shopping with coupons. We have friends who are fantastic at saving money this way and we are trying to learn from them. Since I am a diabetic I tend to get frustrated in several of the aisles that are full of my weaknesses (chips and cereal). I try to stay away from them as much as possible or let the hubby take care of those aisles. He's WAY more self controlled than I am and its not going in the cart unless he has a coupon for it. Also, I am very lucky to have family nearby that own a farm and supply us with fresh, organic veggies. AND we can get the canned veggies from them if we help harvest...which adds to the exercise points right? Well, maybe not but it makes us feel better when we get out there and sweat. local!

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