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The No-Excuses Appeal of Fruits and Veggies

Check Your Reasons at the Door


11/12/2009 9:35:40 AM

UMAVARMA1's SparkPage
Thank you for the article, i always buy fruits but never eat them. I am trying my level best to eat .. all the best to me :)
10/19/2009 1:18:53 PM

KARRINAK's SparkPage
I find it interesting that anyone would use the pesticide excuse for three reasons: 1. there are plenty of grocers selling organic 2. Read the label of the snack or food item you have chosen instead - I bet you find a few chemical compounds designed to enhance the flavor or longevity of your food. 3. If the first two don't get you; check out the packaging of your "alternate" snack...nothing like leaching a little plastic into the blood stream to make you feel GREAT!

Also, for the veggie haters our there check out the - a real tasty way to get your veggies!
10/8/2009 2:05:38 PM

I can not fathom adults who don't eat vegetables/fruits. It's something tantrum-y kids do, rage against veggies ... I just don't get it! Of course, I was raised eating a fair amount of veggies (though I eat way more and a much much larger variety than my folks did/do). My siblings, raised the same way and eating the same meals, are picky and whiny about freggies. They "hate" most of them. I think it's just nonsense and they are being silly. Heh.

I guess it's not a surprise to my parents that, of all their kids, I'm the one who's been vegetarian/vegan for a decade. Ha.I've always loved my freggies and normally am over my fiber requirement each day due to all the delicious produce I eat. I have off days where I only eat 2-3 servings, true, but they are few and far between and I never feel good on those days. Mmmm... pass the produce!

10/8/2009 12:32:05 PM

When I started spark 2 years ago, I disliked almost all fruit and only liked certain vegetables. if you force yourself for long enough, you'll get used to it. some things, like Celery, I refuse to eat, but by allowing yourself to be choosy and picky, youre only harming yourself in the long run.
10/8/2009 9:23:20 AM

JOLIEYOUNG29's SparkPage
I love fruit but veggies are hard sometimes except for carrots. I like to eat my veggies in stir-fry, my hubby showed me how to do this. It's a nice way to spice things up!
10/8/2009 1:59:27 AM

SBURKS2's SparkPage
Honestly it has taken me awile to get used to eating fruits and veggies. Before it was like oh meat and potato that is good. But now i actually like eating both. It just takes time to get used to it.
9/1/2009 11:40:33 PM

I'm not big on vegetables and have FINALLY accepted that I should just stop buying them fresh. It's terrible seeing them in the fridge, slowly losing their color, and knowing that you really should eat them but have little appetite. Now, I buy frozen, which actually get used (eventually) and saves me money.
8/5/2009 5:21:56 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
Love those veggies!!! Love those fruits!!! And the older I get, the more I want them. One day this week I tracked 14 of them on my Tracker. I can almost say, "I never met a vegetable I didn't like".
As kids, my older sister and I would go to a restaurant where we could order a vegetable plate. (And now, to tell my age, it cost $.40) Loved that plate of vegetables!!!
7/24/2009 11:06:07 PM

I never have any problem eating veggies. I love them. I just recently started steaming them in a wonderful presure cooker type steamer. (Not the kind you plug in) I works wonderfully. A potatoe takes 20 min. and never touches the water. I cook a variety of veggies at one time. So simple to fix. No peeling, no baking on hot days, and zuchinni, carrots, a small oinion, and beets can all cook in the same pot at the same time.
5/6/2009 9:30:39 PM

haha I agree with you about peas... that's a great way to describe them! I especially hate when they're in some kind of pasta dish with pasta shells, and you are TRYING to avoid the peas as discreetly as possible, then you bite down on a pasta shell and hit a nasty old pea that just pops in your teeth! (OK guess that's enough). There are some vegetables I love and some I don't love- I am sure you have tried many kinds but are there any you can tolerate better than others?

This was a good article by the way... I just hate wasting produce though; since I live alone I never seem to finish what I get before it spoils and I hate wasting food. I do like frozen stuff though!!
12/11/2008 4:31:19 PM

I don't use any of the excuses offered up here.
I just HATE vegetables. The only way I can force them down is to cover them in butter, salt, pepper, brown sugar if its squash, white it it's tomatoes, and so on.

All through my childhood, I ate them. As long as my own children lived at home, I ate them. The older I get, the harder it is to force them down -- even to set a good example when the grandchildren are about. I've had vegetables in the best restaurants in the world, followed wonderful sounding recipes, eaten them while I picked them in the garden, eaten them baked, roasted, steamed, al dente, raw, you name it: . . . it doesn't matter, they just taste AWFUL . . . and I consider peas little green pellets from hell that everyone seems inclined to dump on any dish with a sause or stew.

11/13/2008 6:02:55 PM

Great article, but one thing that wasn't mentioned is that while the nutrient level in raw vegetables can be higher than in cooked, the nutrients in raw vegetables can't be absorbed as readily as they can be in cooked. Has anyone read differently?
9/19/2008 12:15:50 PM

A good article full of common sense about veggies & fruits. I'm surprised there was no mention of "steaming" vegetables instead of boiling. By steaming them to "al dente" you can warm them up with little loss. Still, all in all, some good myth busters.
9/3/2008 9:20:28 AM

This was very helpful to me... sometimes i would want to skip vegetables
5/14/2008 1:16:34 PM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.

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