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5/17/2016 11:55:20 AM

I created a chili recipe but need to edit it. How do I do that?
2/8/2016 3:05:52 PM

DOVE52's SparkPage
Oops looked again and found how to fix. I was in the wrong place!
2/8/2016 3:01:34 PM

DOVE52's SparkPage
I too am looking to fix a receipt I submitted , I did do makeover but can't delete the first one.
10/27/2015 9:58:50 AM

RLKARMAN's SparkPage
wow! I just added a soup recipe and the nutritional value for the ingredients were sky high. What the heck? Do you suppose the calculator showed the value for the whole pot of soup? There's no way on earth that a cup of soup is 1000 calories -
5/30/2015 9:44:14 PM

Hi Everyone, I was trying to do the same as you...delete or edit one of my recipes. If you click on MY RECIPE BOX the keys needed will appear on the right. Sometimes I add in just the calorie amounts to a certain recipe, and not the recipe itself, so I occaisionally need to change or alter my listings. Hope that this helped someone.
4/2/2015 11:03:49 AM

UNIQUE55's SparkPage
Hum, I see lots of questions but no answers to those questions. What good it this?

I am trying to find out how to enter a "green energy" product that is that only requires water.
I need this to be on my daily nutrition list.
2/25/2015 2:08:36 PM

how to convert from metric
12/24/2014 8:00:25 PM

im very upset I logged I to get a reciepe I saved in my box and every last one are gone,whats up with this very unhappy with your site.
8/21/2014 6:19:25 PM

How do you edit a recipe? I forgot to put in the size of the baking pan and wanted add it, but did not find a way to get back to my recipe
8/20/2014 2:00:17 PM

I'd just like to know how to enter a recipe for nutritioal values. I'm not that computer smart but this one dont help at all
4/30/2014 7:44:03 AM

When calculating the Nutritional Value of a recipe it says enter Seving Size. In grams what is the 1 serving?
4/10/2014 8:56:45 AM

SHIRLGIRL1971's SparkPage
How do I change a recipe I submitted? The nutritional info tripled my ingredients, so the values are all tripled!
4/8/2014 7:53:29 PM

I have calculated a recipe incorrectly and cannot find where to fix it
4/4/2014 11:11:26 PM

It would sure be nice to be able to share recipe makeovers to more than just friends. It would be nice to find a recipe and see what makeover ideas other people had about it. Just my two cents!
3/19/2014 8:55:35 PM

I guess I have company.I entered a recipe makeover and forgot something plus some things I added don't show up o the makeover but DO appear when I click on the nutritional value of the changes I made? How to fix or even just start over?

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