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12/4/2012 1:23:47 PM

I am trying to create a re ipe box and I know that there is supposed to be a save button but my computer does not show it.
10/13/2012 6:45:45 PM

I'm trying to enter a recipe and the only unit of measure in the drop down box is TBS;everything can't be measured in Tablespoons. What do I do? Weightles2
10/10/2012 1:46:47 PM

BLCTLEW's SparkPage
Calculator is not working properly; I entered a recipe, said that it makes 4 servings and when I had it add 1 serving to my food tracker it gave me all the calories for the entire recipe
10/8/2012 6:34:06 PM

PSORENSEN6's SparkPage
It won't enter the cooking time on my recipe and thus will not let me save and post!
9/3/2012 10:53:02 PM

MARIPOSA1955's SparkPage
Help - I need to make some changes to a recipe I added, but cannot find how to do that. I left out a couple of important points. I was doing the recipe off the top of my head.
7/31/2012 10:25:36 AM

I am logged in, but when I click on the button to add a recipe to my cookbook, the system wants me to create a new cookbook, it will not let me add to the one already created. Any idea why this is happening?
6/9/2012 5:17:30 PM

I want to be able to remove a recipe that I made an error in - on system, not in box.
5/6/2012 11:47:15 AM

I want my favorite recipes in the file box rather than the notebook form. How do I get them to display in a file box form?
3/1/2012 12:37:39 PM

Still stuck here- Have to log out and log back in again, I guess.
3/1/2012 12:36:05 PM

Well, ERINDH, I will leave a comment and see if I can get the heck out of here!
1/25/2012 9:15:20 AM

ERINDH's SparkPage
oh there it is now that I've left a comment ...nice
1/25/2012 9:14:21 AM

ERINDH's SparkPage
I'm having trouble finding my page? I've clicked all the top things ..did they do away with them?
1/24/2012 1:41:57 PM

I am having trouble trying to enter what I ate for breakfast lunch and dinner, using my own words!! I printed out one page but then I can't find the "box" that one is supposed to click on..... grrrrrrr so frustrating HELP?
1/16/2012 7:10:50 PM

HEMAMALINI100's SparkPage
I once accidentlly reached a thread where people posted tips and salad dressings. I can't find that thread anymore or more like don't know where to look for it. Help please?
1/15/2012 12:51:41 PM

CHUBBS551's SparkPage
I am also having the same problem. Does anyone know how to do this ?

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