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5/23/2011 7:17:53 PM

RGROLE79's SparkPage
Is there a way to access my cook books by the mobile app.
5/21/2011 3:55:54 AM

Debbie do 0.33 it sould work then
5/17/2011 10:13:53 AM

JANENE413's SparkPage
I would really love it if these recipes were available to be printed in LARGER font. My eyes would sure appreciate it!!
5/1/2011 2:07:34 PM

I am trying to use the recipe calculator. It will not "take" 1/3 cup. It tells me I need to use a numeric value. What does this mean?!
4/23/2011 5:57:33 PM

STPHNE's SparkPage
Just realized I have a lot of experience that I can pass on...

LINDADIBB - When you save your recipe, there's a checkbox where you can decided whether to share your recipe.

LADYWOLF55 - I never have any problems with removing items. As a technical response to your answer, I'd suggest that you make sure you're using the latest version of your browser. Older browsers don't always function properly. If that's not the problem, I'm in the dark.

SHELBY74 - I don't have any problems adding items to a recipe to get it to calculate. 2 tips: make sure your browser is up to date, and make sure you check the nutritional info on the items you're adding. Sometimes people make mistakes in those entries and they'll have 0 calories or something.

REZAV01 - Go to the recipe page. There should be a button on the top of the page to "Add Recipe to a Cookbook". Your cookbook should be listed there. Both public and private cookbooks should show up there.

PATSYINCA and MELEPPS- Click on the "My Recipes" link on the top bar. That should take you to your recipe box which will list all of your recipes like little cards. To the right of each recipe is a couple of links. One of these is "Edit". They really should put that on the recipe page if you own it.

VICKILYN4 - Go to the recipe page. Under the nutritional info page is a link to add the recipe to your tracker. You'll get a calendar to pick a date, then your normal "Add Food" popup will appear. Make sure you're doing this on a computer (not mobile phone), and that your browser is up to date.

MARIMOMS8 - When you create a recipe, you will have the option to publish it on Sparkpages. When you view the recipe, there's a link at the top of the page to add it to your cookbook. :) (Or to create a new cookbook.)

POLARBEARSCAT - If there aren't a lot of ingredients, you can create a Food Grouping. I've done this with breakfast, sandwich, and salad combinations I use all the time. Go to your tracker and click on "Add Food". Click on the Food Grouping tab and make a new grouping, adding your ingredients. Keep portion size in mind.
4/23/2011 5:37:21 PM

STPHNE's SparkPage
SLIMNOT2 - A cup is a measurement. You can buy a set of measuring cups that go from 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, then one cup. If you have a glass measuring cup, one cup is 8 ounces or 250mL.

Now my question - Sparkpeople removed the gadget code creater mentioned in this article that I had used to share my cookbooks with friends and family on my personal webpage. I currently have a link on my site to the page, but that's not very enticing. The old widget had recipe names and pictures. Does anyone know a way to automate viewing recipes on their website or blog? Can you read out your cookbooks as RSS feeds and import them into a blog or page? I'd appreciate anyone with the technical knowledge.
4/18/2011 3:11:30 PM

I'd like to add my own recipes to this site - not necessarily sharing, but just so I can organize all recipes together. Is there a way to put my own recipes into the system.
3/26/2011 10:15:18 AM

I have been going through the site 'Time For Dinner' and collecting a number of recipes for my cookbook. However, I find it very frustrating after adding a recipe to my cookbook and to be able to get back to where I left off. I have to do another search from the beginning to locate where I was and continue. After a number of recipes this does get to be a ' can't be bothered' attitude
3/23/2011 1:14:37 PM

DIETTRACKER123's SparkPage
Another FAQ for this article:
How do I add a recipe to my favourites?

This is useful when I use the Android SparkPeople client. The client does not support adding food from "My Recipes" to my daily meals. If the recipe is added to favourites, it will appear on the mobile too!
3/13/2011 1:02:05 PM

in the recipes that use a cup as a measure, what size cup is used?
3/12/2011 2:37:21 PM

LADYWOLF55's SparkPage
I'm having trouble getting it to remove ingredients. When I click on the "remove" link, it won't work.
3/4/2011 12:55:07 AM

every time i go to add an ingredient it goes away very frustrating, should be easy
3/4/2011 12:52:34 AM

calculator does not work
2/18/2011 4:28:24 PM

REZAV01's SparkPage
2/18/2011 4:27:37 PM

REZAV01's SparkPage

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