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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction


2/18/2018 12:08:24 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Tracking food works for me
2/16/2018 6:59:31 PM

I'm already keeping a food journal and eating the smaller serving.
2/16/2018 12:04:50 PM

COSWENDY's SparkPage
I do some of these already! Great Article!!
2/15/2018 5:56:28 PM

Already do most of these. Weakness is not stopping when eating out of bag. I don't measure serving. Instead I don't buy bag!
2/15/2018 6:21:21 AM

EMGERBER's SparkPage
Interesting article
2/11/2018 3:58:24 AM

LIN1263's SparkPage
I have no intention of using smaller cups, bowls & plates. I know how many ounces my cups hold & regarding bowls & plates I never weigh food, a cereal portion can vary from 1/4 cup to over 1 cup. The package says the measurement based on weight. For crackers & chips I am not going to dirty extra dishes. I look at the label before I eat, if it says 4or 12 crackers per. serving, that is what I eat, same for chips, it states how many chips, not 100% accurate for chips, but is on crackers. I measure food before cooking & am single, so easy to do. I cook the correct amount, if I buy 1 pound of hamburger when home I divide it into 4 portions & freeze. It does not have to be exact, with no one else eating it, over the month I will eat the 1 pound of meat. Even other junk food like candy says how many is a serving size.
2/8/2018 9:33:24 AM

LOSER05's SparkPage
11/12/2017 6:26:08 PM

TWINZ_LOCZ's SparkPage
great tips
11/5/2017 3:29:49 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Great ideas
10/23/2017 6:03:48 AM

Good pointers!
10/21/2017 9:31:00 PM

A lot of great ideas!!!!
9/22/2017 11:51:52 PM

ARTJAC's SparkPage
9/21/2017 10:39:30 AM

PWILLOW1's SparkPage
8/30/2017 10:12:22 PM

_CYNDY55_'s SparkPage
Great tips to eat less!
8/27/2017 12:52:51 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Great ideas to divert one's attention.

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