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11 Holiday Foods You Can Enjoy Without Guilt

Eat, Drink and Be Merry This Winter


5/17/2017 3:09:41 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
When we embrace our mistakes, we embrace living.
12/7/2016 4:15:04 PM

Can we please just stop all the nonsense talking about "guilt" where food is concerned?!?!?
We ALL eat. We all slip up every now and again. We can ALL get back on the wagon, and start again the next day, or even at the next meal...let's cut the crap about "guilt" shall we?!?!?
12/7/2016 4:58:25 AM

When you are "pushing" tomatoes" because of lypotene, remember they have to be cooked in order for your body to absorb that......fresh tomatoes on a piece of toast are nothing special. Eat what you like and move on. These little recipes are nonsense, just stay home if you want to be nit picky.
12/8/2014 8:41:38 AM

On the "shrimp" question...Shrimp is basically 59 mg cholesterol per ounce of shrimp.

On the "Artichoke Dip" recipe...Your post says "66 calories per serving" yet the recipe says "73.9 calories per serving. It would also be helpful if the serving size was provided rather than saying "this recipe makes 20 servings". Unless you can actually physically divide the recipe into 20 separate servings (and hope they are all equal) the nutritional information is useless. How many ounces is "each" serving?

At least the "Baked Apples" is easier to divide (only 4 servings)!

Sweet Potato Fries...the breakdown for calorie per ingredient link says "68 calories per 1/2 sweet potato, 5 inches long", how can you measure calories like this? There are skinny and fat sweet potatoes. If you have one that is twice as fat as another your calorie count will be double. Why not give ounces per serving? This would be a much more "true" calorie count!

12/7/2014 12:53:14 PM

After all the rules and regulations, just enjoy some good tasting food and move on, years and years of trying "slimmed down" this and "lower that", just makes you overeat in January. Enjoy and move on, it's real life!
12/25/2011 9:03:50 AM

11STONEBRIDE's SparkPage
Oh my goodness, 166 GRAMS of cholesterol in shrimp? I hope you mean milligrams!
12/12/2011 7:30:00 PM

JULIA1154's SparkPage
It's interesting that this article 'gives permission' to enjoy shrimp as part of the holidays and yet, whenever I list them in my nutrition tracker, thus upping cholesterol consumption for the day, I get a major (virtual) lecture about avoiding cholesterol and making wiser food choices. Sigh....
12/12/2011 11:21:46 AM

TISTYEN's SparkPage
I actually prefer sweet potatoes when they're treated like potatoes. I've never liked sweet potato pie, for instance or candied sweet potatoes. I just bake them.
12/12/2011 10:14:54 AM

These are pretty solid ideas, especially the wine spritzer one. I love seltzer, yet I always forget about it when the alcohol comes along, so I always get "Grinch-y" because I feel like it's all or nothing: blow calories on a glass of wine, or feel left out because I'm not having any!

My strategy with these kinds of things is pretty much the same: fill up on the lean meat and veggies, and then for dessert eat one portion of whatever looks the best. I do have to stay away from chocolate chip cookies, though, because they're a gateway for me. If I eat one, I'll eat until I'm sick. But with anything else, if I'm really, truly, fully satiated from meat and veggies, I won't want more than a bite of the sugary stuff anyway.

I do second the comment about a little bit of dark meat. Quite honestly, every full turkey I've ever eaten has had breast that leaves me dissatisfied unless it's covered in gravy or cranberry sauce because it's so dry and flavorless. The only truly delicious turkey breast I've ever had is from when people (my parents, relatives, and myself included) have worked with just a turkey breast. The brined organic turkey breast my dad made this year was the best I ever had, so when I found an organic turkey breast in the grocery store after Thanksgiving, I snagged it and did the same and had two weeks' worth of fabulous leftovers. I'd eat turkey breast like that all the time!
12/26/2009 5:59:48 PM

These are all great ideas. The only thing I would add is that while dark meat turkey may be higher in fat, it is also higher in flavor and juicier. Yes, the white meat is a healthier choice, but some dark meat is fine as well. And sweet potatoes - OH YUM. I totally agree, they are so good on their own they need nothing.
12/17/2009 3:28:38 AM

Some of these ideas wil be quite helpful on my second holiday dinner at the in-laws. They aren't as "aware" of their holiday offerings as my household. But their hearts are in the right spot. So, I can make a couple of suggestions for their upcoming party/dinner.
12/15/2009 4:47:58 PM

SUESMITH73's SparkPage
I used to always provide a sweet potato casserole for the big meals. This year I found a great mashed sweet potato dish with thin apple slices on top & a few pecan pieces. I soaked the apples & nuts in maple syrup, add a little pumpkin pie spice & it turned out Great!!

Thanks for the other ideas!
12/15/2009 2:42:13 AM

DIWILLS37's SparkPage
usefull ideas I mean to try them

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