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How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Solving the Ninth Mystery of the World


4/23/2018 3:44:25 PM

Great article.
4/22/2018 11:23:54 AM

Knowing how to read labels is so important....
3/26/2018 11:31:24 PM

1965KAREN's SparkPage
I took away some information that I didn't know. Thank you!
3/26/2018 11:21:09 PM

FITGIGI0102's SparkPage
Thanks, I appreciated the article; the 5%/20% value was especially helpful.
3/26/2018 12:55:47 PM

REDROBIN47's SparkPage
Good information to know
3/25/2018 8:01:38 PM

1965KAREN's SparkPage
I think this was a portion that I needed to learn in my new lifestyle change. thanks.
3/19/2018 4:40:06 PM

KACEYSW's SparkPage
I have to read labels religiously to avoid getting "nuked" with my food allergies!
3/19/2018 9:06:44 AM

SUSIEMT's SparkPage
I've read this before and can't believe that I missed some of the content. Or it just did not penetrate my brain! I hate when that happens.
3/18/2018 8:13:28 AM

SHELLLEY2's SparkPage
Never have I been more aware of reading labels than now! Started a Keto lifestyle and am so aware of product content.... Its amazing how labels can deceive you!!! READ READ READ!
3/12/2018 9:43:20 AM

3/6/2018 5:05:25 PM

Reading labels is very important. Due to having to limit salt, I had to read all. Needless, to say has made me aware of Sugar and fat. Waaaaaay too much sugar in this processed food.
3/1/2018 12:13:09 PM

2/27/2018 3:47:10 PM

JVANAM's SparkPage
All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. - Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols ~ 2/27/18
2/27/2018 7:42:54 AM

MBPP50's SparkPage
Thank you
2/22/2018 3:40:48 PM

As a dietitian, we never had anyone focus on the daily values because rarely did anyone fit the 2,000 kcal per day. Definitely focus first on the serving size then fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, fiber. If a prescribed diet required (renal failure/dialysis) then other areas. But keep it as simple as possible. Next time you are in the store look at a regular item and compare to a “diet” version of same. Most often the regular item is better choice.

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