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Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

40 Real-LifeTips from Real Moms


5/17/2018 11:42:38 AM

1CRAZYDOG's SparkPage
Tried many of these tips when the kids were growing up and they work!
5/17/2018 10:30:20 AM

Good tips!
3/17/2018 2:36:07 PM

KHALIA2's SparkPage
These are great tips. I will be sure to share them with my children since they are all grown up. Thank you!
2/22/2018 11:41:12 PM

great ideas
2/17/2018 5:03:39 AM

TCANNO's SparkPage
Not into nuts
1/18/2018 11:22:25 AM

Good ideas! But how can you know what is eaten and what is tossed?
11/30/2017 11:33:41 AM

PICKIE98's SparkPage
peanut butter is great!
8/25/2017 9:55:58 PM

I wish we could have nuts .... peanut butter ... my GK's love PB... and it is so healthy
7/14/2017 5:06:12 AM

Soy butter is horrible and does not really taste like peanut butter. And then the school banned soy products. We see mostly cheese sticks in lunches brought from home. Fresh fruit is nice, but too often tossed away. Carrots need to be boiled if you want your child to absorb the Vitamin A from them. I never gave kids fruit leather, yuck. It's hard to send kids to school with lunch, and putting stuff into fancy containers also means lost containers too often. It's tough!
6/19/2017 6:53:27 AM

Good idea for working lunches, as well.
6/3/2017 10:55:29 PM

My girls like to pack cheese sticks and honey whole wheat pretzels when we do a day trip.
5/22/2014 11:09:02 PM

GADGETCC's SparkPage
This would be a dream article for me except, when my daughter went to school, she ate nothing.... I even packed candy a couple of times and it came back untouched. Not milk, not fruit, not trail mix.... nothing. The teacher said that my daughter was too busy socializing during lunch, so it would all come back.

She is home-schooled now, so I don't have those issues, but I am still trying to get her to eat healthy. I just wish I knew how to get her to even eat!
1/11/2014 12:15:43 AM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. Our kids need to eat healthier meals.
1/10/2014 5:38:24 PM

ESCHLETZ's SparkPage
My child's school has a lot of children with severe nut, mango, kiwi and legume allergies. Definitely makes it a challenge to pack a healthy lunch, but we make do. I've noticed some other comments stating that it's not fair that the kids can't take products that have nuts in them. I understand the frustration, but I've seen first hand (I work in a school) of how even the tiniest bit of nut oil was transferred and a student went into anaphylactic shock. I definitely think the health of kids' with allergies outweighs another child's wish for nut based food.
1/10/2014 12:40:25 PM

EMCEE12's SparkPage
too bad - schools don't allow any nut product and believe it our not - our schools don't even allow soy products. Makes my life interesting because I have a child that doesn't like meat - of any kind including fish and is not fussy on eggs or cheese. It is okay right now because he is in day care and they given them fruit and veggies for snacks and I supply the lunch but next year at school will be harder. Oh yeah - he is not a fan of sandwiches neither - I think in the 10 months I have had him - he has eaten maybe 4 slices of bread, no tortillas and no pitas. Lots of fun and a challenge. Of course suppers are also fun. 4 1/2 years old and on the way to becoming a vegetarian. Sure hope his eating habits change as he gets older.

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