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27 Sensible Ways to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings

Better-for-You Chocolate Treats for 60-160 Calories


9/30/2016 6:26:50 AM

LIZIMM720's SparkPage
I find once I have chocolate it keeps calling if it is sweet. What takes care of my chocolate cravings is a of Lindt 90% chocolate. It is bitter but it takes care of the craving. Only after you cut out sweets can you taste the sweetness in it.
9/29/2016 12:22:18 PM

7STIGGYMT's SparkPage
40 chocolate chips does the trick for me
9/29/2016 10:31:03 AM

I love these treats! Over the years, I have noticed that I do a WHOLE lot better doing LOW FAT rather than low carb, always have more energy throuout the day. These treats help a lot to stick to the plan, thanks for the reminder!
8/15/2016 1:31:31 PM

AUNA_VISTA's SparkPage
Great ideas! I especially like how you wrote how we can make our own treats. One thing people might want to do when buying processed foods at the store (and dried coconut) is to avoid propylene glycol, a toxic additive used as a preservative. Propylene glycol can damage your liver! Stay safe when you're eating!
6/3/2016 9:11:38 AM

Two favorites of mine are:
Fiber One 90 Calorie Chey Bars. 5 g fiber, 90 calories
Jello Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Pudding - 60 calories, 0 sugar, 1 g fiber
6/3/2016 8:52:42 AM

As one who pays close attention to carbohydrate content, none of these fit the bill. Sigh.
5/29/2016 8:14:33 AM

Great article. I love the silk chocolate milk. It is just like eating a fudge sickle only melted. I often wondered about freezing a serving and seeing if it tastes like a fudge sickle. I also like the S'more redo. Several good choices here.. Thanks so much!!!
5/28/2016 9:12:10 PM

PINKGLOW9's SparkPage
Great information thank you very much
5/28/2016 6:25:29 PM

I get chocolate cravings all the time. I've stopped having sugar cravings because I do not eat sugar anymore. "Whew! Never thought I would get there so don't want to start eating it again as it is so hard to quit!"

I drink a cup of coffee with fat-free half-and-half (can't eat fat either) and the caffeine fix takes care of the chocolate craving. That's basically what a chocolate craving is - your system looking for a caffeine fix, which your brain translates into CHOCOLATE!

Try it! It really works!
5/28/2016 5:24:55 PM

RAVENLADY777's SparkPage
The Fiber One brownies are to die for. Just eat ONE! :D
And any of the Skinny Cow ice creams are great. Both are my go-to things along with Russell Stover Sugar Free candies. YUM
5/28/2016 3:36:04 PM

These sound good - some are even available in Canada but my favourite (although it isn't particularly low fat) is President's Choice dark chocolate which I always have around (500 g bar) and consume only 2-3 squares at a time. I also like the Kashi mocha chocolate granola bar.
5/28/2016 1:56:43 PM

WOUBBIE's SparkPage
ALDI's Choceur Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. One serving (which is a pretty nice size) is 170 calories, 3g protein, and only 9 net grams of carb (13g minus 4g of fiber). Delicious stuff!
5/28/2016 9:07:48 AM

INGMARIE's SparkPage
I'm sorry, If I am going to eat chocolate it will be REAL dark chocolate,but just a piece at a time. Endangered Spieces is a good brand.
5/28/2016 12:11:08 AM

Glad to read others know about making a s'more in the microwave~!
3/29/2016 3:13:03 PM

WALKN4WARD's SparkPage
I'm in agreement about artificial sweeteners. Not only do they mess with my stomach, they also mess with my head! I've never developed a fondness for diet sodas for this reason as drinking one resulted in terrible stomach cramps and a migraine. Just because an item says diet or lite/light; does not necessarily mean it is healthy or good for you!

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