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Meal Planning Made Simple

4 Steps to Plan Meals and a Healthy Grocery List


5/20/2017 8:27:47 AM

I plan my meals very closely, being diabetic. This article adds to my tools.
5/19/2017 5:29:17 AM

REEDSKI's SparkPage
I do use SP recipes occasionally, but most of the foods pictured, I have stopped eating. I don't care how "light" the recipe is. I can tell a high carb, high fat, high sodium, high sugar recipe by the photo. They look delicious but if most were left in my fridge I'd eat them. I have no self control.
5/10/2017 10:57:16 PM

PLATINUM755's SparkPage
On the right track...good to know!
5/3/2017 1:26:25 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
Don't ever feel bad. It is just part of the process, not a permanent state.
5/1/2017 12:44:49 PM

4/28/2017 3:30:40 PM

I was impressed with this comment--this is exactly how I do things, very basic and very practical. For any events were more than just myself is involved in the planning stage I create a specific Wunderlist (download the app at GooglePlay) for the event; then invite everyone by email who is attending the event; and then I let everyone have input to the shopping menu and dinner service. People can sign up for tasks, shop important specialty items, answer questions about food allergies and health-related dietary changes needed before I ever go shop for the event. It helps too with menu planning.
4/22/2017 6:32:11 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
Do this pretty well.
4/21/2017 1:44:59 AM

Thanks for some great ideas.
4/19/2017 11:38:56 AM

Good ideas.
4/10/2017 8:53:14 AM

RSKMOM's SparkPage
I need to get out of my current rut!
4/4/2017 9:12:49 AM

MSPOOH404's SparkPage
These steps feel like the planning of an invasion of a small country. There are some really good tips here, though. I do create shopping lists...mainly because I have a memory the size of a gnat...and I like to plan my list according to what I plan to cook for the week. Even then, I will still find myself walking from one side of the store to the other multiple times. I just look at it as getting extra steps in on shopping day.
4/3/2017 11:19:52 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I have always kept a running list when things start to get low as well as when I need something at the grocery store, I think print it out in the order of the items needed with how the store is set up. This way I know exactly what we need, and I can just go to the aisles that we need items from instead of going up and down most aisles or having to back track through the store for items on my list. Just makes life so much easier :)
4/2/2017 6:20:37 PM

List and prep are so helpful.
3/7/2017 4:41:06 PM

OOLALA53's SparkPage
Guess I have it easy shopping for myself. When I go to the store, I have a general idea of what I have. I know I will need protein, starches, veggies, fruit, creamer for my coffee, etc. I probably always have a little more than I need, but I never have an excuse NOT to have a nutritious meal.
3/7/2017 9:00:41 AM

MARITIMER3's SparkPage
I'm 73 and have been shopping and planning meals for a long time, and can honestly say I do all these things... my problem was eating too much of the good things rather than eating badly... I've recently challenged myself to making one new healthy recipe each week. Since my husband's church (Ukrainian Catholic) requires fish 3 times/week during Lent, I'm trying some of the fish and shellfish recipes I've been collecting for years. This week will be a stir-fry with shrimp, baby corn and many other vegetables over brown rice.

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