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7 Whole-Grain Pastas You've Never Tried

Expand Your Palate with New-to-You Noodles


3/20/2018 2:07:53 PM

ANHELIC's SparkPage
Thanks for the information
3/10/2018 9:51:02 AM

Great ideas!
1/23/2018 10:08:21 AM

I have no problem finding any of these pastas, and I moved to Texas 5 years ago from Calif. our Wal Mart carries all of these, plus you can buy whole grain flours and make things yourself.
11/8/2017 10:07:42 PM

DONN1ZYF's SparkPage
The problem is getting stores to carry healthy stuff. Walmart is a joke, Kroger helps a bit; however, I live in Hardin county, TN. If it's loaded with sugar, grease. and/or carbs without fiber it may sell. This is one of the areas in the USA which has not only one of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes it takes the cake #1 baby. It's disgraceful Everything here is battered, and fried even the greens are cooked with a pound of bacon. Even with all the evidence people are not willing to change, stores will only carry what will sell as determined by their parent company (whom I can't get an answer to) Even the Chinese restaurants here (actually pig out buffets more so than restaurant) do not have bean sprouts on the menu in any food or dish.
7/4/2017 6:51:28 PM

JUDY1676's SparkPage
I will try the whole wheat pasta but not so sure about the othersM
6/20/2017 10:07:54 AM

I am sorry but these sound absolutely awful. Not being gluten free, I will stick with plain old pasta.
5/13/2017 6:42:37 AM

Learned a lot about pastas
5/2/2017 11:55:24 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I do purchase the whole wheat pasta for myself when shopping. I still have not seen any of the other types of pasta in our store, but I am always looking to see if they start carrying any of the other types listed
4/9/2017 8:21:31 PM

KITT52's SparkPage
Im going to be on the look out for these
12/15/2016 8:59:38 AM

So many "pastas" - who knew? Good article to read before hitting the grocery store in a little while.
8/14/2016 9:28:15 PM

I love brown rice pasta but you have to be careful when you cook it or it will become mushy and sticky. Make sure you have enough water. I used to be able to cook regular wheat pasta in a few cups and it always turned out okay. You need more water for the rice pasta to move around. You also have to stir it more so it doesn't stick together. Finally, if you rinse it after cooking that removes some of the excess starch that makes it sticky. I don't eat much pasta anymore as the wheat stuff nearly killed me. My blood sugar would go up so high I got very sick. The rice pasta doesn't seem to be a problem but I do carefully measure my portions and don't have it more than once a week. But I'm grateful that once in a while I can still have it.
7/16/2015 10:40:17 PM

MAIA_CALM's SparkPage
I'd love some info about vegetable pastas.
3/20/2014 12:55:48 PM

Just a warning about the Dreamfields pasta someone mentioned below:
8/13/2013 8:46:28 AM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. Going to try some of these.
7/29/2013 7:29:20 PM

MNOT2THICK's SparkPage
I have had the brown rice and spelt pasta and they were both pretty good. Actually, it is all about the sauce. The right sauce could make cardboard taste good :)

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