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How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat

A Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources


8/24/2013 12:58:50 PM

1REDJEWEL's SparkPage
This is a very informative site. give guides forhow much protein you need in a day, also if you are an athelet,unwell(cold etc), pregnant and /or breast feeding, how to calculate for your weight.. It also give a list of vegetarian/vegan protein sources andhow many grams they contain per serving.
8/24/2013 12:33:06 PM

NORA0099's SparkPage
Sarah, I love the graphic showing the item and each amount! I'm glad you included hemp seeds. Chia seeds and ground flax seeds are also great. And, dark, leafy vegetables and many other vegetable and fruits have protein too! The meat and dairy industry doesn't want you to think that though.
8/24/2013 12:09:09 PM

SANDALWOOD108's SparkPage
Peanuts are a legume.
8/5/2013 9:34:14 AM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. Thank you.
7/5/2013 1:14:54 PM

Try "neat" -
6/29/2013 9:51:07 AM

Chef Meg's latest recipe of Herbed Bulgar and Lentil Salad was greatly received last night at a potluck! Great way to add fiber and protein. I love sneaking lentils into casseroles and soups. I cook them up, freeze them on a cookie sheet in the freezer, then break them up and put them in a plastic bag for when I find a recipe to sneak them into!
6/26/2013 10:35:24 AM

GEVANS7's SparkPage
I would love to go meatless and I could eat beans forever. It's harder when cooking for a families' wants though.
5/24/2013 1:59:37 PM

This information is very helpful, unfortunately I read it after my trip to the grocery store. I am having a hard time getting in my protein and fiber without increasing my sodium count. And I thought I was finish with math after balancing my check book.
5/24/2013 9:54:53 AM

I tried my first meatless hamburger , with black beans, spices, one cup rice , it made 6 patties. my husband cringed when I showed them to him, l.o.l. he said GO FOR IT! I was totally amazed at how good they were!!! it did taste like a burger,,, WOW! this is awesome,, lets get happy about new changes.. I am older so even I can do new changes.
5/24/2013 9:40:14 AM

Thanks for the artice on I stopped eating meat, so I need to know how to get protein? it helped a lot!!! I also want to check out protein shakes etc, guess I can find it at sparkpeople too,
5/21/2013 4:14:36 PM

What a great reference! I don't eat a lot of meat, mainly because it's more expensive and I'm too lazy to cook it properly. I tend to stick to easy stuff like eggs and hummus, but thanks to this I may try branching out a little!
5/7/2013 12:36:27 PM

This is just what I needed as I have stopped eating meat and want to make sure my body is still getting what it needs. Thanks!
3/24/2013 4:01:58 PM

RUMBAMEL's SparkPage
Loved this article. I often look at fiber and protein balance and also the calories, so this was wonderful to see these comparisons. I have also been eating vegetarian since just after Thanksgiving so this was really nice.

2/20/2013 2:36:05 PM

DRAGONS4ME's SparkPage
having become a vegetarian when i was 12 it was a time when i needed the extra protein and calories because i was growing and active. i played volleyball during that season and soccer with my dad in the backyard and softball and tennis and all sorts of sports. so my mom was obsessed with me getting enough protein. i was a hard core meat eater before becoming vegetarian so my mom could give me the morning star meat subs and be ok with it. i ate a ton of beans and broccoli (which i loved broccoli. i was the weirdest kid my mom ever saw. she would tell me i could have more broccoli if i finished my dinner lol) nuts and seeds and smoothies with protein powder in them were my snacks when i was playing a sport. the biggest thing i got low on was B12 and iron. which my mom had me take supplements for those. iron i took a supplement because i hated all the dark green veggies and other stuff that was high in iron. i just didnt get enough in what i was eating. so i had to take pills.
now i have a medical problem that makes me drop potassium at a faster rate then you should lose potassium so im always low on it. i cant eat enough foods to get the right amount so i have to take supplements when i feel like im low.
12/1/2012 10:04:17 PM

If you are on your computer, there is a frame to the left that includes the sharing, save, tweet, etc. buttons. There is a print option there that opens the article in a new window. The only "ad" that printed then was the photo of and link to the SparkPeople "Easy Vegan Meals" e-book.

Hope this helps!

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