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10 Easy Ways to Lighten Up Any Recipe

Boost Nutrition and Cut Calories in the Kitchen


4/22/2017 6:46:44 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
Love the idea about using Laughing Cow in eggs.
4/2/2017 3:29:43 AM

CTYONIT's SparkPage
Great info here--I reduce (or eliminate altogether) pasta or rice and replace it with vegetables.
3/14/2017 7:34:44 AM

JUNETTA2002's SparkPage
Really good ideas.
3/14/2017 7:20:09 AM

MBPP50's SparkPage
I love these. Things I never thought of.
3/9/2017 3:06:33 PM

ELSIEO62's SparkPage
I found "Roastred garlic Better than Bouillon paste" is lovely to saute veggies in
1/26/2017 3:10:31 PM

4. Be choosy about cheese.


If you think cheese is made by KRAFT, or that Cheddar comes from Wisconsin, or all means, go ahead and use something else.
Your original "cheese" was flavorless, and wasn't worth eating any way!


If you KNOW that KRAFT only makes cheese "product" (like their grated vomit, AKA Parmesan!!!)

If you KNOW that REAL Parmesan comes in a solid block, and has the words "Reggiano Parmesano" stamped into the rind.
And if you KNOW that Cheddar only comes from the British shouldn't sacrifice taste for the sake of saving of a few calories!!! You will regret it!
12/27/2016 10:33:44 AM

UGH, UGH, UGH. Reduce by reducing portions of the foods you love without lightening them up. Flavor is in the fat - I no longer have the ability to taste anything. Fat helps with mouth feel. Low fat cheese is like cardboard. Laughing Cow is great - but it DOES NOT MELT makes you wonder, doesn't ti.
5/7/2016 7:31:33 PM

All the "out-dated" issues aside:

Moomshine, try straining cottage cheese in a cheese cloth to drain the excess liquid. This leaves a much better product to use as the replacements suggested. I do this when I can't find dry curd cottage cheese to get the same result, as I just do not like ricotta.
2/5/2016 6:25:49 PM

Hearing that a lot of this info is outdated surprises me --- Since this is not a discussion forum, I think the question of outdated info should be better addressed on a TEAM, but do not know which one,
1/29/2016 10:25:29 AM

Totally outdated information about fat. Shame on Sarah Haan and Spark People for not getting with the times!
1/26/2016 5:48:30 PM

The problem with substituting cottage cheese for ricotta cheese in recipes is the added liquid makes the lasagna, etc., too watery -- low fat ricotta works well. Like the suggestion about substituting less amounts of stronger cheese instead of the regular amount of mild cheese.
6/27/2015 2:28:25 AM

IVORY77's SparkPage
I believe the article is a good start, it could go on with a part 2
2/1/2015 10:08:42 AM

I'm a little surprised there was no mention of cutting out adding salt in cooking. Leave it out people! You won't miss it and your body will be so grateful.
12/18/2014 5:06:22 AM

This article is needs to be updated and is filled with bad health advice. Saturated fats are not heart unhealthy. Fat free is not healthy.
12/2/2014 2:33:46 PM

BRONHI's SparkPage
This article is in SORE need of an update

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