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3 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

Why Weight Loss is Harder for Some People than for Others


3/19/2017 12:49:56 PM

LIS193's SparkPage
Not all calories are created equal - it all depends on your body chemistry.
I recommend "The Plan" by Lyn-Genet Recitas, it is a 20 day "test" to see which foods work for you and which don't. The recipes are delicious.
1/3/2017 8:38:49 PM

TUKARAMA's SparkPage
I like that he gives ideas on what to look at and try for each individual. There are no 'one size fits all' answers. I was vegetarian for 27 years and grazed the entire time. I could be full but not satiated. I was told I needed more protein and tried all the fake meats & tofu to no avail. Now that I am back on meat I can eat a 100 gram pork steak and I am good for hours. No snacking, no craving. Not sure if it is the type of protein, or the fat content, but it works for me. And I am losing weight for the first time in over 20 years!
9/21/2016 8:51:03 PM

I highly recommend reading the book "The Obesity Code" by Jason Fung, MD.
8/27/2016 10:51:10 AM

LQUIN456's SparkPage
Reading this article, it has opened my eyes to a few things I need to change.
7/14/2016 8:52:04 AM

BELDAME's SparkPage
Or: you eat too much.
Ever watch the show about the 600-pounders, where they swear up and down that they're following the prescribed diet? So they stick them in a controlled situation and actually restrict their calories...and the weight falls off.
You're probably underestimating how many calories you take in. Also, everyone is different. Where one person can lose on 1500 cals a day, I can't budge unless I knock it down to 1,000-1,100. Figure out what works for you, and NO EXCUSES.
"I'm on medication, I have fibromyalgia, it's the GMOs, it's food additives, it's the evil corporations and their high fructose corn syrup, it's gluten, it's stress, it's depression, blah blah blah..." Nonsense.
You eat too much.
7/4/2016 1:55:11 AM

Most of the time I agree with this type of articles. In reality, it's not tough to loose weight but its tough to maintained the weight we have loosen.
6/28/2016 12:42:53 PM

Its more about the food you are eating. I have had to eliminate all man made ingredients, especially emulsifiers / thickeners and Vegetable oils. I was eating 1200 to 1400 calories, exercising and getting enough sleep and not losing weight. I would gain weight when I got emulsifiers / thickeners and plateau when I got even a little Vegetable oil / margarine (trans fats). Calories in / Calories out does not necessarily equal weight loss. I read Eat Fat Lose Fat by Mary Enig/Sally Fallon and have added good fat for my diet increasing my calorie intake to 1600 to 2000 a day and eliminated everything that is not a whole food and I am losing weight and not hungry. Its ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Nourish your body and it will love you.
6/26/2016 11:23:55 AM

Great article. Very informative too! Thanks SP.
6/26/2016 8:08:34 AM

Weight...weight...WEIGHT...Shouldn't the focus be not on this single biometric, but on overall health, I.e., better nutrition, gaining lean muscle, and being more fit?

Total weight is only ONE part of the process.
5/21/2016 9:52:46 AM

We eat too much of the wrong stuff. When we do, our gut gets 'damaged'. then the cycle gets worse and worse until....bang one day your huge and sick.
I figure if it takes 6 weeks to heal a broken bone and a month for major illness's like cuts, gashes and the like to heal, then how long does it take to get the gut back into a stable state? Personal experience.... 3 weeks of eating whole foods, with no BS food. Then the body can start the process of healing itself from the inside out.
Moral to the story? Be patient, your body is sick, if you are overweight, it takes time to stabalize the gut, then heal from the inside out. Stay the course, because the old way got you to where you are.
I have tested this theory on me 3 times. Ate crap, got heavy, ate whole foods, lost weight.. Have a superb day.
5/18/2016 2:51:02 PM

ALDAHBRA's SparkPage
A good ballanced article. Very useful.
4/29/2016 10:41:21 PM

Yeah, it is not fair. You watch what you eat and spend time on workout and still do not lose weight like you have expected and yet your friend that eat everything that comes her way has an amazing lean body. I agree with the part that states that it easier for a man to lose weight more than a woman. I believe it is true and it is like that because of the female hormones. I came to know about this in the first weight loss guide that I have ever known that does not depend on diet for weight loss because reveals that it is not food or exercise that determines our staying slim, but our hormones-the estrogen, insulin, cortisol and thyroid. You can check it our here...
2/1/2016 3:32:55 PM

VPOLLARD4's SparkPage
Hi, so I have been struggling with my weight throughout my life since grade school, I was always the tallest in my class and the heaviest, I never knew what was wrong with me, including my father was morbidly obese from excessive drinking of liquors,...I never gained an extreme amount of weight until I was separated from my first husband...then I hit rock bottom from not having a place to live to being incarcerated from anger problems, Last but not least I was put in a mental hospital for a couple of weeks and when I got there they ran a whole bunch of test's on me, then they weighed me, I had not weighed myself for some time, I didnt think much of it, but then I got on the scale and it said 350 pound's, I was only 24 at the time at 5'9...that doesn't seem right, so something in my mind had clicked,...I kept eating the hospital food even though it wasn't good for me, but by the time i got home I realized that all this bad association had to do with my eating habit's, I had no idea what the eating right for your blood type was until my weight stopped going down, because I had started the atkins diet after I had gotten out of the mental hospice, and decided i needed to lose weight fast, and had seen results from a friend who had lost a large amount of weight on the atkins diet, so I dropped 100pound's within half a year,...then I went back to my bad habit's eating grains, bread, fried everything, not know my blood type was against all these that's my story, I just recently lost 28 pounds this month, I'm down to around 200 pound's following my blood type o+ diet, try it, it really does work.
12/1/2015 9:03:29 PM

Lol, you made my day with that time zone thing :) This verified forskolin you have mentioned really helped me. i lost like 35 pounds in three month and 100000 pounds to go, lol.
Speaking about garcinia, don’t even spend your money on that. I tried it 2 years go with literally 0 results.
12/1/2015 8:52:11 PM

JMELE8's SparkPage
I've been size 10 all my life without even trying a lot. Recently I hit my 40th birthday. And now i can see that i’m starting to gain weight. Soon i will need my personal time zone. My metabolism is getting slower i guess. i hate working out so decided to give weight loss supplements a shot. But there are so many…. My friend which is a dietitian said that is the best since it's verified by a lot of studies. Maybe somebody tried it? Or should i try garcinia?

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