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No More Boring Oatmeal!

20 Ways to Turn Ordinary Oats into Something Special


10/21/2017 4:37:09 AM

Eating oatmeal for years, but always feel hungry two hours before lunch time. Always..... we made the serving size bigger.
8/26/2017 10:37:51 AM

ABMOVING's SparkPage
Good suggestions
8/22/2017 10:47:37 PM

I'm surprised that you didn't mention Scottish oatmeal! It's really good. It's like steel-cut oats, however, they've been ground. It's extremely easy to chew, very tasty, and chock full of great nutrition! You will feel different after you have eaten Irish or Scottish oatmeal. Both kinds are more whole than the other kinds and have more protein, more vitamins, more everything that you need!

I like to add raisins to mine, and eat a couple tangerines and an egg on the side, as well as some vegetable juice. It's a very iron-rich meal, with nothing that interferes with iron absorption. That means no dairy, no calcium fortified milk or orange juice, no caffeine-containing tea or coffee, and no soy products. I'm all about my iron in the morning! I get plenty of calcium throughout the rest of the day.
8/7/2017 7:23:48 PM

Thanks for sharing
8/3/2017 6:04:11 AM

Thanks for sharing
8/1/2017 7:39:25 AM

MAVERICK59's SparkPage
Thank you
7/27/2017 6:09:59 PM

I use Coffemate Sugerfree Italian Creamer and blueberries. Cherries are also good, but more work. In a pinch a few raisins are just all that is needed. I eat oatmeal every weekday for breakfast. I bought a microwavable Pyrex type bowl with a lid. I add 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats blueberries and then add water and microwave 2 minutes at work. The creamer adds just enough sweetness.
7/22/2017 6:56:33 AM

SUNSET09's SparkPage
I've discovered oatmeal and bananas as well as with apple or peach crisp which I enjoy them all separately! Oh, yeah!
6/27/2017 7:02:56 PM

2DAWN4's SparkPage
Love oatmeal for breakfast!
6/6/2017 5:59:37 AM

Thanks for sharing
5/15/2017 6:59:51 AM

Going to learn more about oatmeal and make it part of my diet.
3/30/2017 4:51:40 AM

RD03875's SparkPage
Overnight oats are good too
3/29/2017 3:11:49 PM

My husband and I eat oatmeal a few times each week. These ideas might entice my children to give oatmeal another try.
3/28/2017 10:40:11 PM

REDROBIN47's SparkPage
These all look so good. Going to be trying some.
3/28/2017 11:15:04 AM

I just love this article! It gives you 20 delicious recipes for your oatmeal! Thank you sparks!

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