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Go Nuts for Nut Butters!

A World of Choices Beyond Peanut Butter


2/28/2018 4:07:33 PM

KHALIA2's SparkPage
Thank you!
11/20/2017 7:57:34 PM

I've never tried any of the other butters, but I will add them to my grocery list.
8/9/2017 8:28:23 PM

Think I'll try the homemade nut butter recipe for variety.
6/18/2017 9:17:03 PM

Thanks for sharing
5/27/2017 10:01:57 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Purchased some calorie free whipped peanut spread. Its sugar free and fat free. Still looking for some taste to it.
3/16/2017 9:09:06 AM

3/11/2017 5:41:40 PM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I am not sure why, but I always thought that almonds were better for you than cashews, but it looks like cashews have less fat in them than almonds. I do know that almonds are good for you, and I guess I just thought that it was lower in fat than cashews. Learn something new every day!
12/22/2015 8:52:27 AM

SHULAMIT58's SparkPage
I *love* to make my own nut butters. I highly recommend as a GREAT source of bulk nuts-- I buy their 25# bag of roasted peanuts for making my own peanut butter, plus sunflower seeds, and more. I find my 'Nutri-Blast' little blender works terrific for making up small batches of nut butters-- AND just for making 'ground-up nuts' to sprinkle onto various foods.
9/16/2014 8:58:12 PM

Who would have thought that you had to watch out and read so much on so called "NATURAL" foods also. I hate food shopping as it is. I do love nut butters though. I think that I will look more into the recipes and try make up a small batch.
9/16/2014 6:36:02 PM

TRACYKT's SparkPage
My son is deathly allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts. A very good alternative we have found is called Wow Butter. It is made out of soy. They even offer a chunky style (the soy is clumped). Tastes very similar to peanut butter at least to us and has the same cooking consistency as pb. One serving (2 TBSP) gets you 7g of protein. Would recommend giving that a try as well.
9/8/2014 12:50:09 PM

While I love nut butters, and will continue to eat them, they are not a especially good source of protein. I get as much protein from the bread I spread it on, as the nut butter contains. In order to get enough protein, I've had to increase my meat consumption.
5/13/2014 9:30:14 AM

Almond and Cashew Butter on an Apple or Pear - great snack !
12/13/2013 1:51:33 AM

PDANNYK, Macadamia nuts would be just as good as almonds, both are low in pufas -- I think macadamia nuts more so. Unfortunately they're also more expensive.
9/18/2013 7:17:20 PM

CHERIONE's SparkPage
Thanks for the "ping-pong ball " serving size. Great visual!
9/17/2013 9:04:37 PM

WINE4GIRL's SparkPage
I ground it at the whole food store when the kids were little. They didn't have commercial peanut butter till they were older. Loved the Hazelnut butter!

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