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10 Surprisingly Healthy Packaged Foods

Convenient Can Also Be Healthy!


1/21/2018 1:00:00 PM

Very helpful! Not everyone is on the same page where eating is concerned. Thank you!
1/6/2018 11:51:44 PM

CTYONIT's SparkPage
I was surprised that pre washed, peeled, chopped etc produce did not make the list. You know baby carrots, pre-shredded cabbage, salad kits. I just discovered cauliflower pearls and this low carb girl is lovin' it!
12/27/2017 9:01:30 PM

11/21/2017 10:44:18 PM

DONN1ZYF's SparkPage
These are mostly things I buy, never thought of them as "packaged food"
11/17/2017 9:52:32 AM

RYCGIRL's SparkPage
11/15/2017 11:25:21 AM

TWEETYKC00's SparkPage
I like my canned foods, especially the low sodium ones!
11/6/2017 4:01:48 AM

CED1106's SparkPage
I would avoid maybe a third of these foods, particularly on a low-carb diet.

Yogurt: Skip the "fruit on the bottom" yogurts. And, if you don't like yogurt, you don't need to eat it as part of a healthy diet, unlike vegetables.

Granola: Not part of a low carb diet, particularly because of the sugars.

Soup: While homemade soup can be made low carb, pretty much all soups that are canned have too many carbs.

Fruit, beans, and oatmeal are also not low-carb, although I myself have no problems eating them. They're certainly healthier than what I ate before dieting! :P
11/5/2017 1:50:30 AM

ABMOVING's SparkPage
Great, easy to implement suggestions
11/3/2017 9:49:42 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
I use a lot of these ideas and the information is good for a very long time. Thank you!!
11/3/2017 10:44:56 AM

Great to know!
11/3/2017 10:37:18 AM

HOLLYM48's SparkPage
Very informative!
11/3/2017 10:01:23 AM

Great information!
11/3/2017 10:00:39 AM

I'm as interested in taste as in nutrition, so no canned soup for me, I don't care how "nutritious" it is.
11/3/2017 8:32:36 AM

BPAL824's SparkPage
Love the open mindedness of this helpful article.
11/3/2017 7:01:19 AM

EMGERBER's SparkPage
Good information

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