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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


3/10/2010 6:39:38 AM

This article was so helpful! I was eyeballing it in the past and boy was I wrong! I will continue to use this chart daily! I was truly wrong about portions and servings.
3/8/2010 12:54:33 PM

ANGELJAM22's SparkPage
Loved this article, printed it and will live by it. Obviously I was under a few misconceptions. I may have been overdosing on cheese.
3/2/2010 1:49:52 PM

I find it difficult to compare an amount of milk in a glass to the shape of a billiard ball. Wish they used a different comparison!
3/1/2010 12:53:52 PM

I also pasted this article to a MS word document--I intend to use it in the future!
Since others are listing their nutrition tracker wishes, my two wishes are:
1. that the converter provided could convert from a weight until (eg grams) to a volume measurement (eg cup), instead of only going volume-to-volume or weight-to-weight. I end up relying on Google converter more than Spark People
2. That there would be a distinction of when something is measured for meat products--is "turkey" 3 ounces of raw or cooked product? I know that in some places I've seen things specified like a '7 ounce sirloin', but that's pre-cook weight.
2/24/2010 9:35:44 AM

IMASURVIVOR098's SparkPage
Great Article, I just copied it and pasted it to MS Word, and hope it will print, if not I will copy it by hand on a piece of paper, and hang it on my fridge. This is very helpful.
Now I see I can eat about 3 cups of pasta if I want to, cos that makes 6 servings, and we are allowed to eat 6 -11 servings of bread products, this chart is so helpful, Thank you SP.
2/23/2010 1:15:56 PM

the billiard ball is a pool is about a inch and three quarters round.A little smaller then a baseball...
2/23/2010 1:13:36 PM

does being under or around your calories make a big difference or do all together make the difference,like fat, carbs,and protien.
2/17/2010 6:55:46 PM

Not a bad idea of this chart.

But it didn't stop me lastnight from having 20pcs of california sushi rolls. WOW!!! I know ''you had how many..????'' I did feel guilty for eating that many...sometimes the visual is good but the mental training to reduce portions is way harder.
1/27/2010 11:49:36 AM

How about will make more sense, I cant figure out what a dilliard ball size is!
1/15/2010 1:53:05 AM

I, too, wish Nutrition Tracker would listthe number of servings consumed from each food group so we can see how well we met the recommended daily servings.
1/10/2010 12:47:30 PM

Just written this out,the printer's on the blink,story of my life! Think it will be really helpful,I will keep it in my kitchen
1/2/2010 11:56:44 PM

I wish that the nutrition trcker would categorize and display by food group (fruits/vegetables, meat, etc.) rather than just carbs, protein and fat.

1/1/2010 10:16:29 AM

MARGOTJI's SparkPage
I just printed this out and it's going on the fridge! Very useful information. I understand those who commented on wanting grams information but, for me, I consider this one of the many tools in my tool box. They all complement each other and some of us will find certain tools more helpful. For me, when 'eye-balling' doesn't seem like enough, I resort to weighing the food for reassurance.

12/25/2009 1:32:29 PM

MAGGIEJR1's SparkPage
Thank you for this very useful article. I will be refering to it time and time again.
12/23/2009 11:49:52 AM

LIBECCIO's SparkPage
I am not a visual person and to me a billiard ball can be as big as a softball ball... What about grams and kilos... also, I usually measure my pasta before I cook it and not after, so having in the nutrition tracker the values before cooking would be helpful!

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