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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


12/3/2009 7:50:21 AM

CAZLINR's SparkPage
Great article BUT I wish they had put the chart into a printable format. I wanted a printed copy and so I copied and pasted it into a page where I could print it. RATS! The format didn't work at all and it wasn't in the form of a chart. Too hard to make sense of it so I had to give up. That's my only criticism.......otherwise, great article. Thanks.
12/1/2009 12:15:37 PM

I think what really matters is knowing how you want to "spend" your calories that day and planning out meals. I know that I would not be satisfied with 1/2 a cup of pasta so I plan to have a full cup, and I am satisfied with that full cup. That might mean chopping out my fat free popcorn later, but it is a worthy switch to me. I have been losing weight just by following the serving size on the box and sticking to the calorie range given to me by sparkpeople.
11/29/2009 8:21:37 AM

SOMOMOM's SparkPage
This is an awesome guide, thank you! I can use the serving sizes even in home-made recipes (soups, casseroles, etc.) and just divide them out equally to get the "per serving" info I need. Thanks again!
11/27/2009 5:06:18 PM

GYPSYROSE67's SparkPage
My question is how do you measure a mixed dish? Example : Chicken Chili (what I am fixing for dinner tonight) How do I know how much of this would be considered a serving since it will contain chicken, northern beans and salsa.

Any advise ?
11/23/2009 6:05:11 PM

MUSHYMAC's SparkPage
I find this confusing too. So when I make rice, oatmeal or pasta I'm only surpose to eat half of it. That is the size of a billard ball. Because once these foods are cooked they double in size. And bread slices are much larger than a index card, my bread is 50 calories per slice I would have to cut it in half to make it the size of a index card.
11/18/2009 1:05:58 AM

this was the exact thing i was looking for!
10/2/2009 2:56:59 PM

MANDALEX1's SparkPage
I just reread this I did not lose this first. and I did not lose inches..either...i think this is the problem. Even with exercise..and i have been tracking faithfully all..
Mayve..I have not been really really paying attention to portions as i thought and only get 2-3 portions of protein...i have not been eating much carbo...
this is a challenge...
10/2/2009 10:20:21 AM

Great refence guide -- I'm printing it to put on my fridge with the SparkPeople magnet I just ordered!
9/23/2009 1:26:39 AM

I think the key is to realize that you can have more than one serving of something, you just need to track the correct amount. I am going to post this on my fridge!
I only wish that the nutrition tracker would take the amount that I have measured and tell me how many servings that is!! Wouldn't that be nice?!!
9/10/2009 11:06:46 AM

HHAMPTON1013's SparkPage
I am confused and would like some one to help me on this..better to comment my page bc ill forget to look at the message board... I dont get those portion sizes... Its looks like portions that starved people eat... i cant eat that little... i have a toasted wheat bread and egg for breakfast with either 2% cup of milk or cup of unsweetened tea....snack either a bannana or grapes or an apple....lunch is a little salad w some chicken and vinagrette and water...snack is again a fruit...then dinner is chicken and 2 vegis...snack of a either yogourt or cottage cheese. Im STILL in my range of calories if not LOWER sooooo i dont get it..eating those portions are going to put be below my needed caloried intake bc i already struggle as it is. I mean if im in my perfect range needed of cals,carbs,protiens,and fats arent i doing good? This confuses me.... I ve told im doing great and dont change what im doing
9/7/2009 2:14:01 AM

I keep a digital kitchen scale near where I am preparing food. First I weigh the plate and zero the scale, so then when I add food it tells me precisely how much I am getting. I am losing weight this way, which has not happened for 20 years, so I am very happy and willing to fuss around with portion control, which has got to be the key to making this happen. And furthermore, I'm not hungry.
8/25/2009 12:20:39 PM

LAURIE5658's SparkPage
I have this article permanantly saved in my favorites and I refer to it often. Thank you!
8/22/2009 3:02:54 AM

AMPE1203's SparkPage
I too had such trouble figuring out portion sizes. That has been my past eating's biggest downfall. I was always a part of the clean plate club. But now I am so much more aware of how much I put on my plate. Thanks Sparkpeople!
8/11/2009 5:18:49 AM

PJBF1979's SparkPage
This all looks good except...
Juice 1 serving = 6 oz 100% fruit or vegetable juice That's about the size of a: Hockey puck

HOW do you compare a liquid to a hockey puck? I'm confused. =\
8/1/2009 8:53:35 PM

CHERYL2275's SparkPage
This is a helpful tool I will pass on to my friends!

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