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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


9/4/2010 2:23:25 AM

MANXMAG's SparkPage
How very depressing all this is! Surely the aim of Sparkpeople is to help us to lose weight and become healthier without obsessing on food? I do not intend to add unnecessary stress to my life by worrying about the number of billiard balls I've eaten.

As far as the metric/imperial debate goes - think yourselves lucky, we weigh ourselves in stones here! Not pebbles, not rocks but stones. How big is a stone? Well it's 14lb. Yep, really.
8/27/2010 1:59:57 PM

DLG0505's SparkPage
Thank you Trican for the links! I just realized my baseball sizes were more along the size of a softball!
8/25/2010 6:57:04 AM

billard ball? hockey puck? juice the size of a hockey puck? I like that you tried to give us visual cues, but they didn't work for me. I think I'll stick with cups, table and tea spoons.
8/24/2010 3:23:06 PM

TRICIAN13's SparkPage
P.S. If you don't know what a hockey puck, tennis ball, golf ball, shot glass, etc., etc. looks like--visit a local store and check them out--you don't have to buy anything, just take a good long look at each item (and write down measurements if you want). You can probably find most of such things at a Walmart, Target, etc. store and/or a sporting goods store near you. You can always use your measuring cups and scales at home, but these guidelines are very helpful when eating away from home to give you a very good "guesstimate" of how much to eat of whatever is available at the time.
8/24/2010 3:10:51 PM

TRICIAN13's SparkPage
Portion control is one of the very important aspects of not only losing weight, but in maintaining your weight loss.

I have found a great souce for a "cheat sheet" to keep portion control reminders in front of you. You can print it out in either a full sheet (fridge) size or a wallet size (or both). It shows pictures of the portion sizes and the number of desired daily servings of grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, meats & protein, and healthy fats..
-print-fridge-pdf (for fridge size) or

8/24/2010 10:43:39 AM

LOSER531's SparkPage
Wonderful! I've been needing a good reference guide!
8/20/2010 8:37:29 PM

My trainer talks about the palm of your hand portion too! It's a great visual because it's always with you.
8/16/2010 11:38:42 AM

Thanks..I needed this!
8/9/2010 6:15:20 PM

These visual guidelines are very helpful for me. Thank you!
8/9/2010 12:49:17 AM

REDDE50's SparkPage
I agree with alot of the is very hard to visualize some of these items.
7/17/2010 2:23:14 AM

I find "dice" a confusing measurement. I have dice that are a little over 0,5cm in length, and other that are more than 1,5cm in length @_@
(I usually think of matchboxes when measuring cheese, and the upper half of my thumb when measuring tablespoons)
As for using a puck for liquids... I've never even watched a hockey match (totally obscure sport where I live), much less know what size a puck is ~|~
Same goes for golf balls, but I'm letting that slide because there are actually some golf courses in my country ...somewhere.
I think this article could have been much more helpful if it used references that are familiar to as many people as possible.
7/12/2010 9:20:20 PM

RHOPPE87's SparkPage
I'm not so fond of the comparisons either...not cause I can't visualize a baseball but because I can't visualize something a completely different shape or consistency into a baseball or hockey puck. The only visualization that has ever been helpful is one oz of cheese is the size of a domino...and thats only because cheese is naturally in the shape of dominos and just needs to be cut into the right thickness. Hmmm, I think I'll stick with measuring.
7/11/2010 11:04:11 AM

TANYA1113's SparkPage
I am still confused about casseroles. If you have a cup or half cup of chicken and rice, how many sides do you have. Does the rice count as a side is there enough chicken? This is my only gripe and spaghetti? Noodles tomato sauce and hamburger. Is this a serving of each? I just put a salad with it but it is difficult to know what is correct here.
6/26/2010 8:08:13 AM

I have a wonderful food scale so actual weight and sizes is much better than hockey pucks. As for the metric system comment, at least in America all of my measuring tools have both standard and metric on them. We are getting used to both systems on this side of the pond now that metric is so popular here in the USA, good luck to you and everyone!
6/21/2010 11:37:11 PM

You know, I have NO clue how big a hockey puck is. I haven't played baseball since I was 9 so the concept of what size that ball is IS A LOT BIGGER than it prob really is. Dice? Which board game should I pull them out of to judge the size? Tennis? I HATE Tennis. Again I haven't played it since I was 9. Now if you tell me that it is the same size as a 2" weight lifting plate's hole in the center? I could chop that right up. Same with half a CD Rom or an IPOD Shuffle. I keep thinking they really need to redo these guideline examples for size. I have a very hard time visualizing some of them and Standard size for many of those items? I have NO clue.

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