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Eating Healthier at the Office

10 Ways to Make Your Workplace Work for Your Diet


6/16/2018 1:54:04 AM

TWEETYKC00's SparkPage
Thanks for the tips.
6/16/2018 1:54:04 AM

TWEETYKC00's SparkPage
Thanks for the tips.
6/13/2018 12:43:18 AM

DEE107's SparkPage
thanks for sharing
5/29/2018 10:16:09 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Eating at the office has always been challenging.
4/24/2018 7:18:14 AM

Planning and meal prepping are key. I pack my lunch. Today is Buffalo chicken salad with half a Joseph's lavash and fruit.
4/23/2018 2:26:29 PM

TBRYAN-LU's SparkPage
This is an important alternative! I have use some of these tid-bits! Thank you for sharing. It was a great reminder!
4/10/2018 10:36:38 AM

NANASUEH's SparkPage
good points
4/10/2018 9:42:58 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Good to know.
4/9/2018 10:03:54 PM

AMBER461's SparkPage
Thanks for the information.
3/26/2018 2:02:44 PM

THECOZE's SparkPage
My work days are so much easier to stick to my food plan than my weekends!!! Easy because I do structure my 'breaks' for snacks and meals.
3/26/2018 10:17:22 AM

We do not have a vending machine or a soda machine at our school/ is great!!!
3/25/2018 11:59:29 PM

Excellent info
3/25/2018 6:21:38 PM

Thanks for all info.
3/25/2018 1:06:55 AM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
I've generally almost always brown bagged it - could never afford not to even when I was young and skinny! Not to mention I get bored with what's on offer (even the marginally healthier stuff ) I can do it cheaper and better myself. Sometimes I used to make a weeks worth of sandwiches at once .
3/24/2018 10:28:42 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Brown bag it.

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