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Eating Healthier at the Office

10 Ways to Make Your Workplace Work for Your Diet


2/26/2018 4:00:39 PM

Good Information
2/14/2018 4:52:41 AM

Food for thought.
1/28/2018 9:03:13 PM

BLUEROSE73's SparkPage
excellent information
12/22/2017 8:26:12 AM

SHELLLEY2's SparkPage
For years I worked in the local malls where you have easy access to food courts & every snack vendor one could desire. Around me all of my co workers indulged for breaks, lunches & dinners on these high calorie quick fix options.... and they couldn't understand why they had ever expanding waste lines. Made me laugh cause it was obvious really.
12/6/2017 10:33:53 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
While working the night shift, 3rd shift, we did not have access to foods. So if we ate, we brought our own. A couple of us worked very hard at getting a food cart to take to the workers and finally about 4 yrs. before I retired it happened and we had some healthy foods for out 4 AM breaks!!
11/7/2017 11:14:17 PM

_CYNDY55_'s SparkPage
Thanks, Great info!
11/6/2017 3:31:40 AM

Years ago, all this food bringing to the office was not even allowed! Wonder who started it all?
10/9/2017 8:21:23 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
good information
10/3/2017 8:19:10 PM

ABMOVING's SparkPage
Good article. I keep a stash at work
9/11/2017 10:01:31 AM

Great strategies. Thanks
8/29/2017 8:19:55 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
My office friends have a lot of food challenges which I don't have.
8/22/2017 7:19:07 PM

DMEYER4's SparkPage
thanks this is very helpful
8/21/2017 6:59:56 PM

GOLFGMA's SparkPage
Thank you for the helpful hints!
8/6/2017 8:05:49 AM

Common sense, which, unfortunately, is not so common.
7/27/2017 1:35:50 AM

NASFKAB's SparkPage
very useful ideas must follow them

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