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13 Shortcuts to Meet Your 5-a-Day Quota

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies


7/23/2017 10:03:10 AM

DRLMAZ's SparkPage
Great article
7/19/2017 1:06:06 PM

This has never been a problem for me because I really love vegetables. In fact, there are only two that I actually dislike and positively won't eat: radishes (unless finely sliced as a salad ingredient) and beets.
7/18/2017 2:22:08 AM

Noshing on carrots is one of my favorite snacks.
7/14/2017 2:29:03 PM

JVANAM's SparkPage
The question is not what you look at, but what you see. - Henry David Thoreau
7/5/2017 10:34:41 AM

Thank you for the suggestions.
7/1/2017 7:10:37 AM

I still seem to be only adding one vegetable to a meal, unless I have a salad or stir fry. Fruits are easier, but they can have too much sugar with too many servings. I need to work harder at this.
6/16/2017 5:06:44 PM

I was finding it difficult to get my 5 servings of vegetables. I was given a tip to have some veggies first thing in the morning. Something easy, like baby tomatoes, seedless cucumber etc. I tried it. Felt weird at first but now I keep baby tomatoes on my counter along with bell peppers and sliced carrots so when I get up they are the first thing I reach for. It has definitely helped. My serving of vegetables is usually 7 servings or more.
6/14/2017 9:10:02 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
I struggle with yhis. Good suggestions.
6/14/2017 8:39:36 AM

Some great suggestions to use.
5/24/2017 11:54:56 AM

NASFKAB's SparkPage
5/21/2017 8:23:23 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
Thanks for a very good and informative article.
5/16/2017 9:55:14 AM

HOLLYM48's SparkPage
Love this article!
5/16/2017 8:20:03 AM

Great ideas! thanks!
5/15/2017 4:29:53 PM

BABY_GIRL69's SparkPage
Water is good but some times I want a little fizzle in my
5/15/2017 4:24:17 PM

JVANAM's SparkPage
Water is the only beverage your body needs.

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