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Fitting Healthy Habits Into Your Hectic Life

13 Tips to Get More Nutrition and Fitness into Your Day


3/14/2017 7:59:35 AM

That picture they use here cracked us ALL up, thanks for the laugh!!
1/5/2017 9:36:21 AM

GYMRAT54's SparkPage
Of all of these 13 tips, two don't apply to me. I'm already doing the others to some degree, some more than others. The habits already established are: I sleep at least 7 hours a night. I menu plan every week if not weeks in advance. I prepare my grocery list based on my menu plan for the week. I always cook in batches and portion my meals and snacks. I buy frozen vegetables and fresh fruit.

I know the winter time is the hardest time of year for me to get everything done. During the spring/summer and early fall, I do a great job of exercising at the gym three days a week. My energy level and desire to exercise drops off to nothing during the late fall and winter. So, over the next month, I will work on developing the following habits:
Drinking more water.
Since the roads make it hard to get to the gym, I will make time to exercise at least 10 minutes a day at home
Take a 10-20 walk outside every day.
If I find myself sitting a lot, set a timer to get myself up to take walk breaks throughout the day.
12/31/2016 10:14:46 AM

KPLOUNGE, you verbalized my current situation perfectly! We have arrived and finished this part of our life journey, and now what. Almost more stressful without the hectic lifestyle, how to pace an unstructured day!
8/22/2016 3:57:28 AM

KPLOUNGE- I faced the same thing when I retired so I took up quilting. It is a hobby I can go to anytime for a long time or a short few minutes. Maybe finding a hobby that can fill in the hours might work for you. Good luck.
4/26/2016 2:47:02 PM

DECAREAU84's SparkPage
Curbing the sweets is the hardest of all for me...
1/11/2016 9:51:19 AM

OKOBOJII's SparkPage
You know, they ALWAYS seem to say that you should walk to visit a coworker rather than calling, emailing, or IMing. It must be nice to be in a work environment that should prize productivity above all else which allows time in your workload to walk to see one. I've yet to have a job where managers are happy to see you taking the longer way to get things done.
1/10/2016 9:29:47 PM

I like the 80/20 rule about healthy eating choices. I have most of these tips working but still need to work on the menu plans and exercise.
I am also retired. We have done a lot of traveling as missionaries. But this year we are home for the winter. I am hoping that staying in one spot for a few months will help me develop routine.
1/10/2016 8:54:08 AM

JIMINYC's SparkPage
I can relate to some of what KPLOUNGE said about being retired. I've been retired a while now and my habits keep evolving. Finally have gotten involved in some hiking groups and have figured out the new ways of handling meals. At first it was very tempting to snack my way through the day. Now I like to cook for myself and eat mostly healthy. Still working on getting all the right kinds and amounts of exercise. Sleep is usually an issue for older adults, an article on that would be helpful.
1/9/2016 11:25:11 AM

I already so most of this,esp. drinking water. I never drink soda if I can help it. I could probably do a better job of planning lunch, since breakfast is the same set routine during the week and my hubby cooks supper I am retired so having too much to do is usually not a problem - too much couch time is but I did make exercise a part of my morning routine starting this past week (6 days and counting) . I think I am on my way!
1/9/2016 9:35:25 AM

KPLOUNGE's SparkPage
My life is the exact opposite. Since I've retired, I don't live a hectic lifestyle. There is only so much exercise, just sitting, reading, watching TV/Netflix, talking to family/friends, studying the Bible, meditating, and volunteering one can do in a day. After those things, I find myself laying down to rest and then waking up at midnight; therefore, I might be getting to much sleep. I also find myself struggling with eating healthy or unhealthy snacks because I've nothing more to do. Maybe the sugar from unhealthy snacks bring on that sugar rush. So maybe we can have a conversation about retirement life-style and healthy habits as well...
1/5/2016 8:30:02 PM

LEARN211's SparkPage
I have nastered most of these suggestions, but sleep continues to be an issue. I have to work at that every day to get eight hours in. I function the best if I have 9 hours of sleep. Today, I could really tell the difference. I am already counting the days down for the weekend.
12/27/2015 2:40:33 PM

I really needed to read this article a second time. Great Article and definitely will be putting these tips to use!

Thanks SP.

12/13/2015 10:20:53 PM

GOALDIGGER6101's SparkPage
This is definitely one of those, heard it all before posts, but most definitely needed to hear it again. Its amazing how we can complicate things that are as simple as being prepared, park further away from where you normally would. WALK TO THE SUPERMARKET.. Thank you for this Article. Definitely bookmarking as a favourite. :)

10/8/2015 8:04:29 PM

SUSANSKI's SparkPage
For those of you who are busy with kids and get interupted by them while trying to do a video, CHASE the kids around the house! They'll love it, you'll get some cardio in, some laughter in and some great family memories. Then, if you wear them down enough and YOU still want to workout maybe you'll have some quiet time then.
One day, one of my teen sons was experimenting with a new electric piano we inherited from Grandma. Two of the kids began dancing ridiculously, then I joined in. Then in passing by the living room, another kid saw us and came in. Then another one. Then another one...and soon all 9 kids and I were dancing, carrying on and laughing for about 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun and a great memory. Never let family responsibilities be our excuse. MAKE it happen.
10/8/2015 7:52:01 PM

SUSANSKI's SparkPage
The portable snack idea is good for those of us with family or friends in the hospital for a long stay. As an all day visitor, the vending machine is tempting and gets expensive. Our hospital vending machines have some healthy choices, but not all do.

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