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How to Turn Salad into a Healthy, Filling Meal

Build a Better Salad!


10/17/2009 1:56:08 AM

I love salads and often just top a veggie salad with lemon juice, garlic powder and black pepper. The lemon juice gives the salad an even better taste and I love garlic.
10/13/2009 9:19:13 PM

SAMMIESAM2's SparkPage
any salad, topped with craisins, a little olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. delish
10/12/2009 2:17:36 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
I submitted a recipe for a delicious dip, potato topping, or salad dressing and it is VERY low in calories, fat and sodium. I have never seen it published in the recipes, but if one goes to my Spark Page, they can get it from my Favorites.
10/12/2009 5:56:33 AM

CRIKKIT1's SparkPage
These are great suggestions! I love veggies and salads but ranch is my dressing of choice and the fat free ranch is gross!! I actually stopped eating salads when I started trying to lose weight because I did not want the calories. I will try other things to keep the salad moist!
8/26/2009 6:49:01 AM

PAMELA984's SparkPage
Fruit on a bed of mixed greens is the best - I often used grilled chicken with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and then a fat free raspberry dressing. Apple slices are good too - easy way to add in those fruits with your veggies.

I also like to add a very tiny amount of reduced fat blue cheese crumbles.

Mmmm good - think I will go make a salad!
8/21/2009 3:10:50 AM

LLCURTS's SparkPage
I often slice apples on my salad
7/26/2009 10:03:20 AM

SANDYK1750's SparkPage
I like to chop green onions, green and or red peppers, and celery and add it to low fat cottage cheese. It keeps the vegetables from falling to the bottom of the salad bowl and also add great flavour to the cottage cheese.
6/19/2009 1:58:10 PM

I'm not into dry salads so I use 4 tablespoons of salsa. It only adds 20 calories! I add black beans, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and a few crunched tortilla chips for extra crunch. Yummy!
5/13/2009 7:57:30 AM

QBERTSUE's SparkPage
I love to chop up part of an apple or throw a few craisins on my salad. I've never heard or thought of pineapple before - I'll have to try that!
5/11/2009 3:26:16 PM

CONNECTED1's SparkPage
I make my own dressings. I always use half or less of the oil that is typically recommended and substitute in other liquids. My favorite is the pineapple or pear juice from canned fruit that I usually just drain off. Tomato juice is great also. Broth works when I don't have juice, along with a little more vinegar and/or lemon juice. I recently tried a bit of applesauce in the mix and that worked great.
A tip: for your homemade oil & vinegar dressings add in a little bit of maple syrup to smooth out the sourness from the vinegar. It also acts as an emulisifier (keeps the dressing from separating)

I have also made a salsa dressing that is mostly salsa with a bit of oil and vinegar; the mix makes it more dressing-like than just salsa but is still healthy.
5/11/2009 12:04:35 PM

Sunflower Seeds. Yum!
4/21/2009 10:48:09 PM

WINDORX's SparkPage
My favorite fruit to add to a salad is fresh pomegranate seeds. Combined with tangerine slices it adds color, taste and texture.
3/17/2009 5:19:57 PM

I have been adding grapes and seeds to my salads for years, but recently started using plain lowfat yogurt as a salad topping instead of dressing. I really like the "tang" of the yogurt with my veggies. An added bonus is it won't wilt your lettuce if you put it on in the morning and take it in your lunch bag. I have also been using hummus or baba ganouj in place of dressing (tahini is neat!). Another thing I have been doing is picking up a bunch of herbs - fresh chopped cilantro or parsley are fantastic flavors to add and really "wake up" your same old salad!
3/17/2009 9:01:30 AM

I like to add thinly sliced bananas to my salads and cheerios in place of croutons. Bananas are yummy and the cheerios add some soluble fiber to aid in lowering my cholesterol.
3/17/2009 7:20:25 AM

MILLJP's SparkPage
I don't enough fat in my diet..salads are one place where I can add fat with dressing. LOL

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