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How to Turn Salad into a Healthy, Filling Meal

Build a Better Salad!


3/9/2010 10:29:00 PM

BETHANN06's SparkPage
I love putting a small banana or pear in my salad. It's soo yummy!
2/17/2010 10:34:47 AM

SWEETTOOTH10's SparkPage
Also if I AM able to afford, I like some Grilled shrimp on most of the salads I Mentioned except the Waldorf salad.Other than that, I like grilled chicken.And occasionally like Marzetti's light chunky blue cheese dressing or Light ranch.
2/17/2010 10:28:48 AM

SWEETTOOTH10's SparkPage
I REALLY like the idea of using the juice from canned fruit in making salad dressing!Genius!Thanks for the idea about maple syrup too. I've been wanting to start making my own dressing.I like so many different kinds of salads.Greek salad with pepperoncini peppers, black olives, tomato,red onions, a little light feta, and light Greek vinaigrette, made with olive oil, or a light Caesar dressing.. A Mesclun salad mix or spinach w/ Gorgonzola, or goat cheese,Carrots, shredded red cabbage , onions, and tomatoes, with balsamic vinaigrette , MMMM! A Waldorf salad with apples , and a few chopped walnuts And craisins is good too.Thanks for the great healthy salad ideas!
1/26/2010 2:04:02 PM

One of my favorite toppings for some of my salads is Ortega Taco Sauce. It is low in fat, carbs, and sugar which makes it a great choice for diabetics. And it really does taste great.
1/21/2010 7:59:29 PM

My favorite way to make salad is to take whatever I can find and throw it together on a pile of spinach and/or romaine. My favorite toppings include:
-Fiber One
-baby carrots
-tuna mixed with lite mayo or cottage cheese (this sounds gross but isn't bad!)
-grape tomatoes
-chicken breast cooked on the stove in lite italian dressing
1/21/2010 3:30:59 PM

SUNNYD59's SparkPage
I didn't have alot of greens to make a salad so chopped up all the other veggies,tomato,cucumber,carrots and then topped it with a couple of tablespoons of roasted red peppere hummus.This is really yummy,
11/20/2009 12:41:58 PM

I was going to ask this question to everyone before I came across this article!

I like to use apples with some blue cheese (gotta be careful not to put too much cheese) then top it with balsamic vinegar (no oil!). I also like to use salsa or taboule.
11/7/2009 12:17:32 PM

I thought you should only eat fruit on an emptu stomach
10/17/2009 1:56:08 AM

I love salads and often just top a veggie salad with lemon juice, garlic powder and black pepper. The lemon juice gives the salad an even better taste and I love garlic.
10/13/2009 9:19:13 PM

SAMMIESAM2's SparkPage
any salad, topped with craisins, a little olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. delish
10/12/2009 2:17:36 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
I submitted a recipe for a delicious dip, potato topping, or salad dressing and it is VERY low in calories, fat and sodium. I have never seen it published in the recipes, but if one goes to my Spark Page, they can get it from my Favorites.
10/12/2009 5:56:33 AM

CRIKKIT1's SparkPage
These are great suggestions! I love veggies and salads but ranch is my dressing of choice and the fat free ranch is gross!! I actually stopped eating salads when I started trying to lose weight because I did not want the calories. I will try other things to keep the salad moist!
8/26/2009 6:49:01 AM

PAMELA984's SparkPage
Fruit on a bed of mixed greens is the best - I often used grilled chicken with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and then a fat free raspberry dressing. Apple slices are good too - easy way to add in those fruits with your veggies.

I also like to add a very tiny amount of reduced fat blue cheese crumbles.

Mmmm good - think I will go make a salad!
8/21/2009 3:10:50 AM

LLCURTS's SparkPage
I often slice apples on my salad
7/26/2009 10:03:20 AM

SANDYK1750's SparkPage
I like to chop green onions, green and or red peppers, and celery and add it to low fat cottage cheese. It keeps the vegetables from falling to the bottom of the salad bowl and also add great flavour to the cottage cheese.

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