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How to Turn Salad into a Healthy, Filling Meal

Build a Better Salad!


4/21/2009 10:48:09 PM

WINDORX's SparkPage
My favorite fruit to add to a salad is fresh pomegranate seeds. Combined with tangerine slices it adds color, taste and texture.
3/17/2009 5:19:57 PM

I have been adding grapes and seeds to my salads for years, but recently started using plain lowfat yogurt as a salad topping instead of dressing. I really like the "tang" of the yogurt with my veggies. An added bonus is it won't wilt your lettuce if you put it on in the morning and take it in your lunch bag. I have also been using hummus or baba ganouj in place of dressing (tahini is neat!). Another thing I have been doing is picking up a bunch of herbs - fresh chopped cilantro or parsley are fantastic flavors to add and really "wake up" your same old salad!
3/17/2009 9:01:30 AM

I like to add thinly sliced bananas to my salads and cheerios in place of croutons. Bananas are yummy and the cheerios add some soluble fiber to aid in lowering my cholesterol.
3/17/2009 7:20:25 AM

MILLJP's SparkPage
I don't enough fat in my diet..salads are one place where I can add fat with dressing. LOL
3/13/2009 3:43:41 PM

AOGOAE's SparkPage
I love my salads dry with chicken, tuna fish, salmon or shrimp!
2/17/2009 10:15:58 AM

BOBSGIRL2007's SparkPage
are dried cranberries(craisins) healthy? I love them but they seem to be loaded with sugar???
2/17/2009 7:10:52 AM

CCKELLY3's SparkPage
I'm surprised you don't mention salsa as a substitue, or a drizzling of really good balasamic vinegar (not a vinagrette) with a dash of sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and a dash of garlic or onion powder to give it zip.

Another trick I like to do, when I'm really craving a creamy salad dressing--and I've read that you need a certain amount of fat mixed in with a salad for your body to absorb and utilize the antioxidants fully---is to mix 1 tablespoon of blue cheese or ranch with a Tbs of milk and then stirring it into a quarter cup of nonfat cottage cheese, or using feta instead, and stirring it together then pouring that over my salad.
1/14/2009 2:25:58 PM

Adding a fresh fruit & a fresh herb really adds extra flavour!
1/14/2009 2:09:48 AM

I like to crumble a little low fat feta on my salads when I want that salty, creamy taste, and only adds 60 calories per ounce. The fat-free doesn't seem to work as well, IMHO. 1/2 to 1 ounce of feta on a salad goes a VERY long way. I even splurge on the stronger tasting, gourmet fetas at the store, and use even less on my salads.

You can also mix it into fatfree sour cream or cottage cheese with some cracked pepper and/or favorite spices, and maybe grated cucumber, if you just have to have a creamy dressing. Comes out low fat, and adds some protein as well.
12/16/2008 7:36:44 AM

I make a light homemade dressing with a SMALL amt 100 percent virgin olive oil, garlic red wine vinegar (3 parts vinegar to 1 part olive oil), a scored garlic clove, a small packet of Splenda (to cut the acidity of the vinegar), and whatever herbs in whatever quantity I want. I place in a small glass jar with a lid and shake well to incorporate and then leave marinate over night. I shake before using and only put a small amount on my salad. Loads of flavor in just a small amount!
10/19/2008 7:56:04 PM

FAVORSMR's SparkPage
I have always loved fruits on my salads. They add a little something extra to spice it up, especially for those of us who eat salads often.
10/17/2008 11:54:43 AM

Everyone has some really good suggestions. Thanks alot I wiil try them
10/12/2008 7:40:19 AM

MOMMA2X6's SparkPage
I mix a commerically available "fresh" salsa with low fat cottage cheese.
9/4/2008 11:29:51 PM

I throw a few raisins on my salad and it makes it soooo tasty! I don't even put that many on, approximately 10. But when you get one or two in a bite, you can really taste them!
9/4/2008 11:29:40 PM

I throw a few raisins on my salad and it makes it soooo tasty! I don't even put that many on, approximately 10. But when you get one or two in a bite, you can really taste them!

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