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15 Comfort Foods That are Good for You

Feel Better While Staying Healthy


5/25/2008 9:21:16 AM

i see a lot of objections to Vegetable juice -- I like either Tomato or V-8. If you are really hungry and are having a hard time waiting until your next meal or snack, have a glass of V-8 with lemon juice and Tabasco! V-8 has fiber and fills you for a while. It's bursting with flavor and helps me forget my sugar cravings. Or eat it with a spoon from a bowl and pretend it's chilled soup. You almost think you are having a mini-meal. If I'm on an airplane and I'm hungry when they come around with the drinks I always ask for tomato juice. It really helps.
5/25/2008 7:35:31 AM

TEACHERH's SparkPage
Re: smoothie recipe size, for many recipes it works beautifully to freeze leftover smoothie in little paper cups or plastic zipper bags. You can eat it later with a spoon, like ice cream, or just toss the correct amount back in the blender with a little water or fat free milk to make the next day's smoothie.

I also liked the list of comfort foods. I noticed a lot of them were "savory" comfort foods instead of sweet ones, but the angel food cake does give nearly endless sweet potential - for chocolate lovers how about a trifle made with sugar free chocolate pudding, angel food cake cubes, a few drizzles of reduced calorie chocolate syrup and fat free cool whip? Add a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips and that is a pretty decadent chocolate dessert but not one that is bad for you.
5/25/2008 7:20:18 AM

I already eat 5 of these. I will definately make the Angel cake but cannot stomache the vegetable juice.
5/25/2008 6:11:28 AM

I've loved yoghurt, even plain, all my life. Check.
Fruit smoothies, angel cakes, chicken noodle soup (or any other soup for that matter). Check.
Oatmeal.... I'd prefer low-sugar whole grain cereals anytime... but there is always muesli, so, Check.
Vegetable juice? No. No unless it's tomato or maybe carrot. And even then I'd prefer nibbling on crunchy fruit veggies anytime.
And I have no idea about crock pot creations. (Ok, I googled. I don't have a slow cooker, but I might like it)
5/25/2008 5:50:01 AM

BECAZMUM's SparkPage
Yeah but where's the chocolate?
5/25/2008 5:01:12 AM

NONA-UK's SparkPage
Vegetable juice? Are they mad?
5/25/2008 2:30:25 AM

TAMAR21's SparkPage
Not to whine but since when is vegetable juice or yogurt a comfort food? There weren't a lot of true comfort foods on this, I was really hoping there would be mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and pot pie too :(
5/25/2008 2:15:33 AM

M_DAVIDSON75's SparkPage
I was hoping to see mac and cheese or pot pie like the other person! LOL I do like chicken noodle soup. The sugar-free syrups from davinci are awsome for adding good flavor to plain yogurt or oatmeal or any number of things! They have tons of flavors on their site. It is hard (for me anyway) to find much more than vanilla and hazelnut at the store.
5/23/2008 1:19:56 PM

KAREN19140's SparkPage
Will definitely stock up on more chicken noodle soup w/low sodium, and use my crock pot for more cooking. Now with the warmer weather, will also enjoy making and drinking fruit smoothies.
5/20/2008 6:23:44 PM

I never thought about angel food cake! Or chicken soup, for that matter. Next time I'm feeling a little down, I'm going to turn to one of these healthier alternatives!
4/30/2008 8:37:09 AM

I have discovered that crock pot cooking is an easy way to make sure I have a great, healthy meal ready when I get home from work. There is no need to use oils for cooking, and I use try to combine ingredients that make for healthier meals.

The only downside is that my Jeff works from home, and he says that the delicious smells taunt him all day!

4/11/2008 12:21:21 PM

MIQUELLE1's SparkPage
4/11/2008 6:39:09 AM

MANIGIRL's SparkPage
The chicken noodle soup, crock pot food and angel food cake are all good comfort foods but I really couldn't buy into the others. V8 is full of sodium and is not what I need when I need comfort. I couldn't buy into the fruit smoothies or yogurt either. When I think of comfort foods I think of food with more substance even if its healthy.
4/10/2008 9:49:32 AM

I to was in the school of thought it must be fatting so when it was first suggestted to try a V-8 JUICE,i really thought she had hit her head on something! I am a dare devil,so i decided to give it a shot. I was really pleased! I now use it alot,it truly is a confort food! I heat mine in a mug, not only is it conforting,but you get your veggies in to. TeaLady5
4/10/2008 7:58:49 AM

CON-MOM's SparkPage
These are great ideas but veggie juice for comfort? I don't think so. I would rather see some low cal/fat mac and cheese or a healthier pot pie as was mentioned earlier in the article!!

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