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15 Comfort Foods That are Good for You

Feel Better While Staying Healthy


4/20/2017 6:38:35 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
Most of these are extremely high in carbs which I have to keep under 35 gr because of bariatric surgery. However, they all look delicious.
3/25/2017 9:54:45 PM

CATLADY1955's SparkPage
I have already found healthy ways to enjoy my comfort foods. Lots of sugar free, dairy free foods out there. I can have ice cream (Sort of) and chocolate. Love alomond milk and have found lots of ways to make oatmeal.
3/8/2017 8:48:08 PM

FROSIA_EST's SparkPage
This is absolutely incredible! Thank you for this article, two or three 'comfort' foods may be worth trying.
7/13/2016 8:48:43 AM

LANCE500's SparkPage
I am sorry but none of these so call comfort food should be here in a healthy website. Eleven of the mentioned were full of dairy which should not be in any healthy diet. Plus many people could not tolerate it.
3/23/2016 11:02:03 AM

I have made several of my own versions of these recipes in the past several weeks! I have a luscious one for Baked Oatmeal (with almond milk). I was sick with sinus infection craving chicken made that with rice, rather than noodles. Yummy lowfat version of meatloaf, a friend made cauliflower pizza which was to "die for" yummy!! I have a really low fat version of pasta alfredo with broccoli that is very tasty! So I think in the comfort food department I have done well!! :)
2/17/2016 8:13:11 AM

HIKERANG16's SparkPage
Excellent suggestions! I saw at least half a dozen recipes I'm eager to try - crock pot meatloaf and chocolate Greek yogurt? I'm so there!
1/27/2016 10:31:56 AM

Excited about the mushroom gravy recipe for biscuits and gravy! I have several lower cal mac and cheeses and other pasta dishes-- I can enjoy some of my favorite foods and feel good at the same time.
9/23/2015 4:08:34 PM

LOVIJO's SparkPage
Am a bit surprised at how meaty many of these comfort foods are.
12/3/2014 4:17:45 PM

PHILLIPS661's SparkPage
sounds great...why if they are good for do ppl. not want to eat what is good for you rather than something..loaded with cals...I get a sweet potato..with cinnamon.and that's all and my wife looks at me like I'm an alien...but I will survive...
9/28/2014 11:32:34 AM

Great suggestions! I'm going to try the pizza and mousse :)
4/19/2014 6:45:00 PM

XMASMOM's SparkPage
Had to laugh at GREENHOME1's comment. Obviously she didn't try it before commenting. Stating it was more like "pudding" instead of mousse because it didn't have egg whites.....yes it does and it IS fluffy and it IS a mousse. Please, people, don't leave a criticism if you haven't tried the recipe. I loved it and so did my entire family. No one new it was a lower calorie version of an old recipe.
3/29/2014 3:50:48 PM

Great suggestions! Thanks!
1/22/2014 1:32:18 PM

Great info thanks
12/4/2013 11:02:39 AM

I eat all of these but do not lose weight. It is the QUANTITY of the Comfort Food that is really important!
10/31/2013 6:03:03 PM

GREENHOME1's SparkPage
Hey, you can't call it "mousse" if it's not airy and fluffy from egg whites. Greek yogurt is neither. It's pudding, maybe.

Otherwise, there are some good suggestions and reminders in that list. Thanks.

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