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15 Comfort Foods That are Good for You

Feel Better While Staying Healthy


5/18/2011 8:09:47 PM

OMG, I just read the fruit smoothie recipe, 14 grams of sugar!!!! Quelle Horreur!!! Don't drink it people. Use plain greek-style yoghurt at least. The fruits used are all high-sugar fruits. Look for an alternative lower sugar fruit , and use the whole fruit as much as is possible.
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Silver Angel
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5/18/2011 8:04:54 PM

Sorry, that should read no more than 5 grams of sugars per 100 grams. A typo, honest!!

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5/18/2011 8:02:41 PM

I always read the nutrition panel after I look at the ingredients. The panel for the Angel cake shows 'Sugars : 0.0 g" Gimme a break!!!! 1 and a half cups of granulated sugar makes zero sugars? I think someone made a mistake. Fix it quick, please. Also, Spark Kitchen, can I substiture dextrose powder for the sugar? If so, how much do I use?
I've given up sugar, at least the fructose half of it, 9 months now, I don't want the fructose poisoning my body anymore. In that time I lost 6kilos, put on 3.5, then lost another 5, almost 6. I'm down almost 9 kilos now, and on my way to my goal of another 3 before my birthday in August. I did it by stopping myself eating/drinking fructose. If anyone's interested, start by not ever drinking fruit juice again, or eating dried fruit. You may as well drink neat fructose. On your nutrirional panels, don't buy any sauces or products that contain more than 8 grams of sugars per 100 grams. Always eat whole fruit, & make it your business to find out how much sugar is in the fruits you do eat. Fructose makes you fat, look up the research yourself, just put fructose poison into your search engine. .
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3/15/2011 11:32:35 AM

The last time I had a bite of angel food cake, it tasted like chemicals. I suppose if it were homemade, I might like it. But it's mostly sugar, and too sweet for my taste.

I disagree about breakfast: Oatmeal is terrific, but why not have coffee too? Coffee is good for us.

Sometimes we get carried away. But otherwise, this article was Okay.
3/14/2011 11:19:26 PM

Not really comfort foods to me either; I make my smoothies with full fat yoghurt and any frozen fruit - very satisfying. A better comfort food for me is 1 serving of cooked pasta of any type added to a can of seasoned diced tomatoes, and a TB of butter. Reasonable in calories, filling and yummy
3/14/2011 7:16:04 PM

Angel food cake with LOTS of icing. that's comfort food.
3/14/2011 6:19:56 PM

KTRIBE808's SparkPage
Sorry, not one of the foods listed fits into my definition of comfort food!
3/14/2011 4:51:59 PM

angel food cake can be scrumptious...cut up some strawberries and put them on top with fatfree whip cream...yum! think i'll buy some tonight.
3/14/2011 4:40:42 PM

Oatmeal is just carbs; I find I need some protein with breakfast or I'm hungry by 10AM.

Also, none of this is really comfort food. Chicken soup is comforting when you're ill, I agree, but comfort food is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese...not angel food cake.
3/14/2011 4:33:15 PM

Angel food ,seriously that is like eating cardboard.
3/14/2011 12:43:04 PM

FEISTY1949's SparkPage
Comfort food isn't wrong. It's how much that's eaten that gets people into trouble. I mean seriously, besides feeding our bodies healthy food, we need to feed our likes, and yes our emotions, because we are after all human beings. A hot portion of mac & cheese on a cold day cannot be replaced by any other food, at least for me. I think that what Spark tries to teach people is what we all know: Everything in moderation, even comfort foods. This article doesn't touch much on comfort, IMO. Yogurt? I like it, but not for comfort. Soup? That is closer but it's not substantial enough for me. Veggie juice? Who is she kidding? LOL I agree with the general consensus that this article is out-of-bounds with what it labels comfort food.
3/14/2011 12:00:01 PM

CAROLEE1945's SparkPage
Very interesting, finally a debate on Spark!!! I love it! Another consideration: while chocolate might be a comfort food for me on one day, on the next day, it could be something entirely different. I have been sick with a virus for a week and I have eaten nothing but comfort foods. I have just gone with what really really appeals to me at that moment. Often, it actually has been something relatively healthy. Actually, needing comfort foods and emotional eating are different states of mind for me.
3/14/2011 11:22:51 AM

MSPOOH404's SparkPage
I agree with almost all of the comments I've read so far: the items listed are not what one traditionally thinks of when they think of "comfort foods." I understand that everyone has his or her own favorite foods and things that may comfort them, but oatmeal and yogurt aren't what I look to for foods that warm me on the inside (and I'm not referring to heat) or calm my senses. Maybe these foods should have been touted at "new comfort foods"...?

Overall, not very helpful and a tad-bit disappointing.
3/2/2011 11:22:01 PM

Weak. The author is obviously not a nutrition expert. SparkPeople might reconsider the qualities they're looking for in their authors, or have articles about nutrition reviewed by their on-staff dietitians before release.

Something that bothered me, for example, was in referring to angel food cake, the author claims that 'each bite tastes better than the last'. I think he would find that the research does not back him up on this claim. The first few bites taste best, then we tend to finish our plate because it's there, or we need to fill our stomach.

More seriously, eating for comfort rather than for nutrition, pleasure, and as part of socializing may be a problem in itself. That is, perhaps the author should not have promoted eating for comfort at all, since other (more reputable) parts of the site discuss ways to deal with emotional eating in more constructive ways.

Finally, while these aren't strictly foods, I was surprised that hot tea and similar hot, low-calorie beverages weren't listed. I find that sipping a cup of hot herbal tea can be a very calming action, especially if I'm in a state of emotional upset and "craving something" but am not actually hungry.
3/2/2011 8:40:55 PM

I love the idea of redefining "comfort food"; why does it necessarily have to be bad for us? Great article.

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