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Small Bits of Fitness Add Up

Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes


1/16/2018 2:40:25 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
thank you
1/13/2018 7:05:37 PM

interesting article
1/7/2018 3:29:18 PM

Great article. Gotta start!!!
1/7/2018 9:44:52 AM

AQUAGIRL08's SparkPage
Great article. Thank you!
1/4/2018 12:45:52 AM

Thanks for the information.
1/2/2018 3:14:00 PM

KACEYSW's SparkPage
This is a good approach and helps me reframe my thinking on this.
12/24/2017 7:16:03 AM

AQUAGIRL08's SparkPage
Great! This is very helpful!
12/21/2017 9:05:56 AM

If you can't make this work, you don't want it to work!
12/10/2017 12:54:01 PM

YEs, it can be. Thanks
12/4/2017 10:38:09 AM

2BDYNAMIC's SparkPage
Excellent article .... thank you.
12/4/2017 10:38:09 AM

2BDYNAMIC's SparkPage
Excellent article .... thank you.
12/3/2017 12:15:22 PM

LIS193's SparkPage
Great article
11/24/2017 11:49:46 PM

PLATINUM755's SparkPage
This can be done!
11/24/2017 9:36:29 PM

I start out with doing only 10 minutes and before I know it I’ve done way more than 10 minutes!
11/23/2017 9:13:12 AM

AQUAGIRL08's SparkPage
I have ten minutes!

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