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Secret Weapon Ingredients

Healthy Foods That Go With Almost Anything


2/21/2018 10:46:34 AM

AQUAGIRL08's SparkPage
Thank you!
1/2/2018 12:57:31 PM

LBEACH742's SparkPage
apple and peanut butter, peanut butter on a banana, a protein smoothie with berries, or hummus with veggie "dippers" are my go-to snacks
11/10/2017 4:19:41 PM

AJB121299's SparkPage
11/10/2017 7:06:43 AM

YMWONG22's SparkPage
Good article
9/13/2017 6:22:08 AM

8/30/2017 3:10:43 PM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage
8/21/2017 7:11:18 AM

great article
8/15/2017 1:52:06 PM

Good information
6/2/2013 7:56:59 PM

RENATA144's SparkPage
I Love fresh fruits & veggies !!!
2/2/2012 6:56:44 PM

SHIRE33's SparkPage
Carrots are great as "dip sticks" for peanut butter or hummus. I love either as a before or after workout carb/protein punch.
2/2/2012 6:11:55 PM

Never knew about northern beans in my sauce. Great idea, I always used can of baked beans to my sloppy joes.
2/2/2012 5:49:47 PM

Good article! Can't wait to use beans in my dinners now! Thanks!
2/2/2012 9:41:38 AM

I love those berries, I take a cup of blue berries, about 6-7 strawberries, and a mango, 1 cup of water and run it through the blender and drink as is or refrigerate over night and add it to vanilla yogurt in the morning. Yum!
2/2/2012 8:40:46 AM

Oh and add those northern beans to your spaghetti. It will stretch that out too. For a family of four, you can cut back meat by 1/2 lb if you add beans and a can of diced tomatoes to the spaghetti sauce.
2/2/2012 8:39:17 AM

I make tacos or quesadillas - I always add beans. It stretches the meat for servings and we get the nutrition. Sometimes I'll add a can of diced tomatoes to the taco meat... that's really good. We are going to start canning our own tomatoes this summer so we can keep the pesticides low :) Totally excited!

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