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The Antioxidant Guide

Get More Fighting Power in Your Diet


1/16/2018 2:41:58 PM

great article
1/2/2018 8:35:09 PM

MSROZZIE's SparkPage
I'll include more prunes in my diet. What happened to green peppers?
Good article, thanks!
1/2/2018 9:25:49 AM

DGRIFFITH51's SparkPage
I think I will eat more prunes!
12/28/2017 11:30:18 PM

2DAWN4's SparkPage
Good article!
11/20/2017 7:51:54 AM

YMWONG22's SparkPage
Good article
4/11/2017 9:52:00 AM

Since that article was written in 2004, it's been discovered, to researchers dismay, that anti oxidants are NOT the miracle they were hoped to be, helpful yes, but not cureable to diseases, and not magical!! Don't be so picky, just eat more unprocessed foods........if you like them, that is.
3/24/2017 7:15:01 AM

Good to know.
4/16/2015 10:02:59 PM

GRALAN's SparkPage
I shall enjoy my 2-ingredient peanut butter raisin cookies all the more now. hahaha Thanks a bunch. What a grape list. My humor is drying up here. hahaha That puts a new wrinkle on things.
10/11/2013 6:28:57 AM

IFFLMK's SparkPage
I think the first and most important step to understanding antioxidants is spelling the word correctly in your headline image.
6/1/2013 10:31:43 PM

JOE5859's SparkPage
I just found out the coffeeberry has 625 times the antioxidant capacity than the "mighty" blueberry. I get it daily in my coffee, nutritional drink and my energy drinks!
7/22/2012 4:21:43 PM

MPLANE37's SparkPage
This list could have been prepared far better. Half a cup of oranges? This is half of a large orange. What are the calories for each? Raisins are rich in antioxidants, but rich in calories too. Prunes are more modest in calories. Plums seem to be too low in antioxidant content, but that is only for 1 plum. 4 plums would be 4 times that, so better than prunes actually. Berries are low in calories and high in antioxidants, but their prices usually are pretty high. I would also put typical price ranges for each entry.

A list must allow a proper comparison of various aspects of nutrition, calories included.
7/25/2011 5:34:31 PM

Totally learned a great deal from this article! Love most of everything on the list....great article.
6/16/2011 11:26:16 AM

KAT2212's SparkPage
Wow! Who knew prunes were so high!
2/14/2011 10:10:34 AM

KB_KABIR's SparkPage
Think green smoothies!
10/13/2010 4:33:22 AM

great to see that blueberries are near the top of the list for antioxidants - they're delicious (I just wish they were cheaper!)

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