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An Apple a Day

Enjoy the Fall Season's Freshest Pick


12/17/2017 6:05:17 AM

YMWONG22's SparkPage
Good article
10/27/2017 10:11:45 AM

BARBARAJ73's SparkPage
Great topic for fall "BUT" this needs to be updated!! Lots of new hybrids to add...
10/22/2017 1:22:30 PM

XUCAEN's SparkPage
I wish the spark people app would open my Facebook app for sharing. This is a great article as I've always been confused about baking apples but i am unable to share. :(
9/18/2017 1:10:40 AM

SUNSET09's SparkPage
They are good with Nutella as well, SparkFriend!
9/5/2017 10:09:17 AM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage
6/19/2017 9:10:39 AM

6/14/2017 6:49:21 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Apples are great. Not sure one a day keeps the Doctor away.
6/6/2017 10:26:10 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
Our go to snack are apples. We always have apples in the house
5/14/2017 7:40:45 AM

Apples are good.
5/26/2016 4:47:36 PM

I used to love Granny Smith, but now I prefer a slightly sweeter (but not too sweeter) Golden Delicious or Fuji. My grandfather had the most awesome, incredible apple tree in his backyard, they were a mix of pink lady and something else and they were just the best! Wish we could've taken the tree when we sold the house (looked up planting seeds, but apparently planting seeds from an apple doesn't quite produce the same tree or something, kinda makes you rethink the whole Johnny Appleseed story!)
5/8/2016 10:15:39 AM

XME501's SparkPage
A favorite evening snack is an apple with a bit of peanut butter. (Peanut butter is my #1 favorite food!!).
1/19/2015 4:31:03 PM

If you haven't tried eating a Honey Crisp, you MUST! Not sure why but hubby and I ate this apple for the first time in the fall. Hubby picked up some at Costco which had just been delivered. We were hooked and once they were gone, I ordered some directly from a New York grower. Simply put - AWESOME! Being from VA, we have always gone directly to the mountains and bought Staymans picked right from the orchards. Now, the Honey Crisps have replaced the Staymans as our favorite eating apple.
9/12/2014 7:00:27 PM

It is the 12th of Sept. here in Virginia, and the HONEYCRISPS are at the store! Our all-time favorite - yeah!!!
8/7/2014 11:06:41 AM

Good advice on using different kinds of apples in pies. I never thought of it.

My favorites are honey crisps and cameo. Hard to find in the stores tho.
6/26/2014 4:12:51 AM

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