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Strength Training: Good for Muscles, Great for Bones

Lift your way to Stronger Bones


12/1/2015 8:59:01 AM

I had never heard that expression - working to the point of failure. I like it!
11/30/2015 8:48:47 AM

BELDAME's SparkPage
If you're going to go to the gym and use the equipment, MEET WITH A TRAINER. If your form is poor, or you're lifting too much weight, you can seriously injure yourself.
6/24/2015 10:56:38 AM

YARELL's SparkPage
I too need to watch out for this, heredity is wonderful. But i never knew resistance training would help. Thank you for the great article and the prayers.
11/25/2014 1:51:00 PM

My mother AND dad both had osteoporosis. ME, I did not want to cough up my one inch above 5 feet. But it went anyway. Last April (14) I learned of a place where the personal training team of husband and wife, would guarantee they could help me build strenght, muscle and bone. Well, I cannot get over the difference it has made in my life. I will be leaving their care in February, but they are helping me set up a continued training program I can use at my regular gym. BLESS them both! At 70 I do not intend to loose one more inch! Can hardly wait to get my bone density done next year. I am anxious to see my improvement.
10/15/2014 12:28:11 PM

ANITACO3's SparkPage
Great article, just had the same talk with my doctor too. Also love the Term "pleasant soreness", that is the way it feels to me. I really love feeling the muscle soreness because it reminds me that I am doing good and something important for my body. Not so sore, I can't move, but I can feel my muscle's presence. Thanks for sharing !!
8/20/2014 9:32:11 AM

TACDGB's SparkPage
nice glad u found the weight room. I love my weight lifting sessions..I am off to go do one now.......
5/14/2014 9:24:30 AM

Very inspiring and humorous, too.
5/13/2014 5:05:34 PM

I love the idea of intercessory prayer while working out. Thanks for your comments.
3/31/2014 8:41:28 AM

Great article
10/26/2013 5:57:24 AM

LEANMEAN2's SparkPage
Thanks for sharing
10/18/2013 6:12:05 AM

7WORSHIPS's SparkPage
Great article. Just the inspiration to get back to the fitness center for at least two days of strength training weekly.
10/18/2013 12:04:36 AM

This article was not what I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great motivation for me to get started on some much-needed strength training before it's too late. Thank you!
10/8/2013 2:00:49 PM

IRONBESS's SparkPage
Interesting article, but the picture says How to Lift Your Way to Strong Bones. I expected a program for lifting geared toward seniors or beginners.
8/20/2013 5:34:31 PM

Beautiful blog !

The last paragraph was especially touching

We CAN Do It

Peace, Love and Blessings
7/21/2013 9:46:27 AM

This couldve been my story.

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