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So Many Ways to Enjoy Soy!

How to Incorporate Soy Foods into Your Diet


3/3/2010 11:38:37 AM

I was under the impression that my body is "estrogen-dominant" according to much research into hormones and, in particular, soy, that is purported to be the cure-all for reproductive and hormonal issues. I stopped eating meat and swapped this protein for soy powder and tofu (which I discovered I like). After a full year of a soy-based, vegetarian diet, I experienced no change whatsoever in my hormonal issues.

I did, however, experience a pretty drastic flare-up of my fibromyalgia symptoms.

I've since returned to meat (but not a lot). I also continue to eat tofu and an occasional soy smoothie (but not a lot).

Soy isn't my only dietary experiment; and I've since become one of those people who believe there is no "perfect" food, but that our bodies work best with variety and moderation. There is no "perfect" answer, either. We all have to trust our own body signals to discover our best health.
2/8/2010 1:34:18 PM

While SparkPeople is an overwhelmingly wonderful resource, which I am very grateful for, it's articles like this one which makes me hesitant to recommend the site to my family and friends.

I encourage all my fellow Sparkers to be their own best advocate and not to believe anything too readily. Read books and studies and above all, remember that the food industry is NOT our ally. They do NOT want to see us nourished and healthy, they want our money and will say anything to get it. If something is being hyped as a "perfect" food, immediately doubt them and go find out the facts for themselves.

Soy inhibits the absorption of nutrients, and while it may be a "perfect protein", there are lots of ways in which it doesn't work for the human body. Cannabis is a plant, but most wouldn't consider it an appropriate serving of vegetables.

And yes, soy was domesticated in China thousands of years ago, but they did not eat it then! They used it as a nitrogen fixer for their soil, meaning they grew it to replenish the soil for the next (edible!) crop. Most Asians who eat soy eat very little soy, and almost all of it is fermented soy.

I recommend Dr, Daniel's book The Whole Soy Story. If you go to the book's site you can read excerpts from it:

And it's NOT "scaremongering", it's standing up to the "oh, the happy, shiny people on the TV / computer said it, so it MUST be true!" mentality that has plagued our society for far too long. Anyone with even a vague knowledge of North American history knows that our industries have frequently sold us things that turned out later to be a very bad idea. Why should we think that it's any different right now?
1/29/2010 7:17:57 PM

SHLALAA's SparkPage
soy is absolutely wonderful in promotion of building lean muscle. I use Reliv nutritional supplements to get my soy protein as well as my complete RDI of vitamins. I dont' like soy usually either, but I am finding with these products, it is great :)
1/29/2010 7:12:16 AM

SPARKROZ's SparkPage
I'm not sure if soy is the best for me; I typically experience weight gain.
1/1/2010 10:48:11 AM

What about the evidence of soy damaging the thyroid?
I will continue to avoid this poision thank you very much.
11/23/2009 10:45:23 PM

2BFREE2LIVE's SparkPage
When I eat soy products I gain weight. Seems like my fat cells love soy!! So I switched to whey for the protein benefits. But I am happy for those who can eat the soy products.
11/21/2009 3:20:52 PM

MELLYBEANS0919's SparkPage
Interesting topic, informative. I have bad endometriosis and have to use soy because I am lactose intolerant.
11/20/2009 3:13:32 PM

PWVEGAS's SparkPage
Read “The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability” by Lierre Keith (2009) new information that might change your mind.

11/3/2009 3:21:28 AM

Love the commentary, and some truth in all of them, from being humane to animals to the bad side of the end we have to choose, and take responsability for our choices...
Keep it up, lively discussion keeps my mind sharp!
10/15/2009 3:41:02 AM

I happen to hate soy milk. I hate the way it coats my tongue and it leaves a funky film in my mouth. But I loooove all other soy products. I stopped eating meat a year ago, and I don't even miss it. You can use soy products instead of meat for almost all recipes. My favorite soy products are the Meatless Ground Soy crumbles and Veggie Sausages. So good! you should give them a try!
9/18/2009 4:07:42 PM

Does anyone know if you can heat up chocolate soy milk for hot chocolate?
8/25/2009 1:16:05 PM

*AMBER512's SparkPage
You can stay away from dairy, meat AND soy. Saying you have to choose one over the other shows ignorance as well.

No soy for me. I also don't eat meat and can have very little dairy due to lactose-intolerance.

Saying you don't care if you get breast cancer so you can enjoy soy is your choice, but don't belittle someone else's choice. We all get to choose for ourselves.
6/3/2009 4:28:33 PM

I just LOVE all the soy scaremongering.
Everyone is all the time flipping out over plant estrogens ignoring that they are consuming actual ANIMAL hormones in their meat and dairy unless they are only eating organic. Even then I'm pretty sure the actual body of an animal that produces hormones as it lives still has some hormone in it.

Know what? I don't care if soy does give me a health issue, I'd never in a billion years eat meat or dairy or eggs again. Being humane is more important than possible risk of horrible soy related danger(!) I don't eat tons of soy - I prefer rice or almond milk, for instance - but I do really like tofu, tempeh and soy ice cream/yogurt in moderation. I know for SURE that meat will clog my arteries. I also know that heart disease is the biggest killer. I'll take my chances with the big bad evil soy.

Also, Weston Price's site is so biased it's just ridiculous. Find a real, informed, unbiased source when scaremongering, please. Thanks.
6/3/2008 12:41:07 AM

SUUZZEE's SparkPage
one of the best books on Soy is by Dr. Daniels, ... The Whole Soy Truth. get it at Amazon, best reasons to not eat soy
6/1/2008 8:40:19 AM

MILMOM2000NEW's SparkPage
Thank you for this information! My daughter is Lactose intolerant and we have been trying to incorporate the soy products. I was so unaware of all of the things that are made of soy. Thank you again for letting us know not only what there is out there but how beneficial it is to us!

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