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Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

Make Your Favorite Foods Diet-Friendly


10/20/2017 3:34:11 PM

AJB121299's SparkPage
9/30/2017 4:13:12 AM

MEROBERTS21's SparkPage
good article
7/21/2017 6:25:06 PM

JUDY1676's SparkPage
5/31/2017 9:57:14 AM

SPARKNB's SparkPage
Oh & in pestos, I often substitute for all, or part, of the oil: beans. Usually garbanzos/chickpeas, sometimes white beans. Gives creamier look to it; can still use part oil. Adds protein, removes fat.
5/31/2017 9:34:45 AM

SPARKNB's SparkPage
The list left off the classic: prune, pureed, instead of butter & sugar in baked goods.At one point it was even sold by jar in the baking goods section, primarily used in baked things that were flatter & darker-adds fiber. Also, spark's black bean brownies is a classic-more fiber, +protein!
4/2/2017 9:19:09 AM

Wow, good article.
7/7/2016 1:43:04 PM

NANCY75501's SparkPage
These comments are as amazing as the authors hope when I save this it saves the comments to.

1/9/2016 1:20:34 PM

HLEGACE's SparkPage
did you know that cashew butter is a great substitute for butters, oils, and creams, you can even make a sour cream substitue with them. they really add no flavour, or very little and the creaminess can't be beat. if you dont have nut allergies, they're definitely the way to go.
6/17/2015 7:50:33 AM

SAVE to favourites is under the more tab next to share honey :)
6/17/2015 7:49:07 AM

I like fat free natural yoghurt/ greek or quark for a thicker texture I mix in frozen berries and sweetener for a delicious frozen ice cream cool on a hit day and feels like a treat if you need a bit of naughtiness on top sprinkle options sachet over the top.
12/12/2014 4:23:28 PM

I totally agree with the above comments referring to fat free Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. It tastes like full fat sour cream and is much healthier for you than light sour cream! When I get to the end of my day, am lacking protein and calories but have nearly maxed out my fat for the day, I mix a cup of plain Greek yogurt with honey or stevia (or even fruit), ground cinnamon, and some vanilla extract. Yummy, satisfying, and usually helps me meet my nutritional needs before bed!
7/17/2014 11:08:59 AM

MISSG180's SparkPage
Light and nonfat sour cream are filled with chemicals and additives. I substitute nonfat Greek yogurt instead to great success.
6/24/2013 10:17:47 PM

silken tofu is also a great sub for cream - its got no flavor on its own, so you can use it in sweet or savory dishes, and it just sucks up the flavor of whatever youre using it with. im currently putting it in smoothies all the time, to add creaminess without extra calories. plus, protein!
12/21/2012 7:08:32 AM

For baking results to be worthwhile the fat-liquid-starch proportions have to be exact. If you remove fat in one place you have to add it or the equivalent. Read the ingredients on "lowfat" prepared food. Manufacturers have access to substitutes that home bakers just don't have. Those chemical names may sound scary but they are there for a reason.
11/9/2012 9:54:27 AM

GEORGIE1957's SparkPage
Instead of using eggs, oil and water with cake mixes from the box. I used a 16 oz can of pumpkin with the cake mix and it turned out great and it was healthier for me. It was less calories, and its a fruit as well. I did it with Red Velvet Cake mix and Chocolate Cake mix. For the frosting I used Whipped Cream. Just a thought.

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