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Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

Make Your Favorite Foods Diet-Friendly


3/14/2011 2:48:04 PM

PATTYCAKE17's SparkPage
I use applesauce instead of oil when baking, but have discovered the taste of pure canned pumpkin used as oil replacement for chocolate cake is quite delicious.
3/2/2011 11:06:32 AM

PEACE_'s SparkPage
I use non-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream . . . just another option . . .
2/17/2011 8:43:10 AM

LNXLADY's SparkPage
I don't see the need to try to remove every bit of fat from a recipe, and don't think this necessarily makes the food healthier. Sure, if a recipe calls for a stick of margarine, I will use a healthier substitute, but if a recipe calls for an egg I use an egg. A whole egg. As for fat free condensed milk, if you are eating condensed milk you should worry more about the sugar content than the fat. Fat free condensed milk in not a healthier choice.
2/4/2011 9:10:12 PM

instead of eggs use egg replacer that you can buy from stores or make your own with flax seed grounded/or flax seed meal (2TBS) and warm h20(3TBS)--it works great w/out the fat/cals-=
1/24/2011 11:31:48 AM

BOND7GIRL's SparkPage
When baking, I replace all of the fat with applesauce. If I'm making something chocolatey, I use pureed plums instead! The plums really help bring out that chocolate flavor!

I also sauté in cooking spray, and add a little chicken broth as needed.

For marinating, I like to use wine or juice as well. If you use citrus, you need to add some oil unless you're just doing a super short marinade, or the acids in the citrus will start to cook your meat, which is especially a problem with chicken and fish.
11/30/2010 7:18:17 AM

Finally!! I was looking for the substitute for oil!! I remembered that when I made baked goods with applesauce it was actually really moist and in my opinion tasted better too! Thank you!!
11/18/2010 12:46:17 PM

Good article; great tips in the comments too. If you're really counting calories or are diabetic, sugar substitutes are a god-send. Natural sugars named are still sugar.

I can NOT do Stevia. It may be "natural", but in some brands, the processing is not. The leaf can leave a bitter aftertaste. For me, it produces a definite digestive upset, similar to the effect of many sugar alcohols.
While I'm losing weight, Stevia rocks.
7/12/2010 2:32:57 PM

GRAMMY13X's SparkPage
Thanks for the great suggestions.
4/23/2010 4:52:10 AM

i've found that 'non fat" products are very high in salt so I use "low Fat" instead.
4/3/2010 10:14:41 AM

Will NOT use artificial sweetener. Would have been nice to see stevia, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, molasses mentioned here. Otherwise, good information here.
3/30/2010 12:24:37 AM

FIT_ARTIST's SparkPage
Artificial sweetener causes cancer. I think it makes a terrible substitute for sugar.
2/24/2010 11:48:26 AM

Good article however, it would of had more impact if you were to show the differences in calories and fat in these substitutions. Some folks are very "visual learners"...I'm one of them!
2/24/2010 11:48:08 AM

Good article however, it would of had more impact if you were to show the differences in calories and fat in these substitutions. Some folks are very "visual learners"...I'm one of them!
2/24/2010 1:12:40 AM

BIRDBRAIN222's SparkPage
I use fat-free plain yogurt a lot, for sour cream, dip, etc. Regarding the tempeh, you may not find it at a regular grocery store, I had to get it at a health food store. It is better than tofu because it is made with the whole soybeans.
1/18/2010 6:21:12 PM

Another good swap for oil in baking is plain fat free yogurt (or flavored if appropriate for your recipe, like raspberry yogurt in chocolate muffins, for example!) - really cuts down the calories and you don't notice any difference in taste!

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