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Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

Make Your Favorite Foods Diet-Friendly


3/30/2010 12:24:37 AM

FIT_ARTIST's SparkPage
Artificial sweetener causes cancer. I think it makes a terrible substitute for sugar.
2/24/2010 11:48:26 AM

Good article however, it would of had more impact if you were to show the differences in calories and fat in these substitutions. Some folks are very "visual learners"...I'm one of them!
2/24/2010 11:48:08 AM

Good article however, it would of had more impact if you were to show the differences in calories and fat in these substitutions. Some folks are very "visual learners"...I'm one of them!
2/24/2010 1:12:40 AM

BIRDBRAIN222's SparkPage
I use fat-free plain yogurt a lot, for sour cream, dip, etc. Regarding the tempeh, you may not find it at a regular grocery store, I had to get it at a health food store. It is better than tofu because it is made with the whole soybeans.
1/18/2010 6:21:12 PM

Another good swap for oil in baking is plain fat free yogurt (or flavored if appropriate for your recipe, like raspberry yogurt in chocolate muffins, for example!) - really cuts down the calories and you don't notice any difference in taste!
12/2/2009 8:10:50 AM

LATTE48's SparkPage
In cream sauces I use No Fat Half & Half, no one can tell the difference.
10/19/2009 5:18:21 PM

these are really helpful, i bake a slew of cookies at Christmas for gifts. i use unrefined sugar instead of bleached white granular, cutting in half as one suggested is a great idea. i don't like artifical sweeteners, but do use splenda for family/friends with diabetes. i'm curious about Truvia the new stevia herb sweetener and if it measures same as sugar?
thanks for the tips!!
10/19/2009 4:51:12 PM

I'm SO printing this out and emailing copies of it to my diet-buddy. Great tips that really work, especially the skim evaporated milk instead of cream - no one tasting my cooking can tell it's diet-friendly but I know!
10/19/2009 3:29:43 PM

LILMISS808's SparkPage
another great tip is instead of using whole eggs use 2tbs flax meal plus 3tbs of water, for oil substitutions I use fresh apple sauce
10/5/2009 6:51:01 AM

PEBBLES021's SparkPage
In place of the sour cream I use equal amounts of non-fat plain yogurt. No one knows the difference and it is cheaper to buy than non-fat sour cream.
9/4/2009 4:57:08 PM

Thank you so much for this list. I am saving it, and printing it out and putting it on the side of my refrigerator so it is handy. This is a great help!
9/4/2009 2:33:12 AM

BHAWKINS00's SparkPage
For the oil in chocolate baked goods I often substitute with half oil and half baby food pureed prunes. No one has been able to tell the difference yet, and I get rave reviews for the baked goods.
8/15/2009 7:43:31 AM

DALISMUM's SparkPage
Thanks alot will try out some of these.
5/7/2009 8:12:28 AM

I'm so glad I found this list! I've printed it out and will hang it on the fridge. And, who knows? I may even buy some tofu -- for the first time ever -- and try it in my next stir fry.

Anyone know where to find tempeh in the grocery store? I know where the tofu is, but don't think I've ever seen tempeh. In fact, I'm not even sure what I'm looking for.
2/22/2009 5:41:18 PM

Half the sugar really does work in baking. I do this all the time, and my husband (who usually whines about my "healthy" recipes) does not know the difference! I don't notice it either, and doing this cuts a LOT of calories (and saves money on sugar)!

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