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Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

Make Your Favorite Foods Diet-Friendly


7/13/2008 4:07:25 PM

DEEDEE19344's SparkPage
This is great, thank you for an easy to read chart. Amazing the things that can be substituted.
7/12/2008 2:08:36 AM

HAROLD57's SparkPage
thanks for the substitute list, especially, the fresh fruits for frosting.
4/5/2008 5:09:36 PM

Thanks for the sustitution List as many times it will come in handy.
4/2/2008 4:34:18 PM

When substituting margarine for ant other fat, be certain you are using non-hydrogenated margarine. There are a number available; I use Western Family's non-hydrogenated with olive oil.
2/29/2008 5:40:53 PM

DOKUBO's SparkPage
I use Applesauce in place of oil in most baking items like cakes & brownies. The brownies do turn out a little more cake like and not as chewy. I usually cook them not as long to have them be more chewy.
2/9/2008 5:40:59 PM

I am printing this our right now and putting it on my fridge!
2/2/2008 12:31:55 AM

Good overall suggestions, but I would not recommend substituting margarine (a trans fat), 2 egg whites, the yolk contains the nutrition density, including heart protective omega 3. Also, I would avoid most artificial sweeteners. Stevia (FOS, a prebiotic) and Xylitol are proven safest, as well as being non-caloric.
12/14/2007 11:04:59 PM

These are fantastic ideas, I've even emailed them to my husband who loves cooking healthy dishes too.
12/14/2007 1:40:41 PM

When I substitute WW flour for white I use 1cup minus 1 TBS because the extra fiber in the WW flour soaks up more liquid. Be sure not to overmix because that will make the product tough, too.
12/14/2007 11:50:10 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.
12/14/2007 11:46:53 AM

FIT_ARTIST's SparkPage
In baking... preed prunes or apricots work really well, too! (especially in BROWNIES!)
12/14/2007 9:14:29 AM

Yes! Thank you!
12/14/2007 8:34:01 AM

I want to start using whole whet flour in recipes (like muffins). Is it a one-to-one exhange for white flour?
12/7/2007 8:11:49 AM

The substitutions are a huge help. I have been trying to find one for white flour , to use whole wheat or spelt or ??. ever time I try it doesn't work.
12/5/2007 6:26:08 AM

TIFFMSN's SparkPage
Great ideas for substitutions!

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