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Slow and Easy Crockpot Cooking

You DO Have Time for Home Cooked Meals


7/21/2012 4:55:40 PM

FRACKIAM1's SparkPage
I have a crock pot and use it at least once a week and love it. BUT I have a question. Can you put frozen meat in it and let it cook all day? If anyone has or has not done this I would like to know.
7/21/2012 12:03:32 PM

MCFITZ2's SparkPage
I love using my crock pot, although I use it more in the winter.
7/21/2012 7:16:14 AM

--KREN's SparkPage
From someone who REALLY uses a crockpot, frozen veggies work just fine! Do you think a package of frozen broccoli won't cook in 6 hours in a crockpot? LOL. I also put meat and chicken in my crockpot right out of the fridge. No problem.
7/21/2012 3:35:09 AM

SIRIUS7N's SparkPage
Thank you for all these tips.!!
7/4/2012 10:26:50 AM

OCLIAO's SparkPage
what size crockpot is the best?
6/7/2012 4:07:22 PM

Crock pots are great for batch cooking if you have a weekend off cook something each night and each day over the weekend and you get out of cooking for 2-3 weeks.
5/23/2012 4:21:00 PM

TAZZ2300's SparkPage
I thought you were supposed to have your meat the same temp as the crock pot... example if your crock pot is cold, your meat should not be hot.

I haven't made much in my crock pot except pot roast. I do need to utilize it more though. THe awesome thing about mine is it has a timer, so you set it to high/low and program the hours for it to cook, then after that it goes to keep warm. It's so awesome.
5/23/2012 3:25:24 PM

APONI_KB's SparkPage
I use frozen vegetables in my crock pot all the time. We keep little containers in the freezer for leftovers. When we want stew we thaw them just enough to get the veggies out and toss the little chunk of icy veggies in.

I also don't precook beans but I do soak them overnight before cooking them.
5/23/2012 2:41:43 PM

I don't work outside our home; however, I have three slow cookers & use them almost daily. I have one going now. To this gal the crockpot is the best kitchen appliance - even more so than a dishwasher.
5/23/2012 2:19:59 PM

TISTYEN's SparkPage
I've used mine for pot roast and for spaghetti sauce, but I'm more likely to use it on days my roommate works and I have off because I don't have time to brown meat and peel spuds in the morning if I have to work. Both come out really well. The spaghetti sauce can't be left alone for the 12 hours between when I leave for work and when I get home, though, so it's more of a weekend thing.
5/23/2012 11:56:11 AM

I've been using a crockpot for more years than some of the posters have been alive - LOL!!!

I don't brown meat first and I've used frozen veggies, unthawed. I've NEVER put the crock in a microwave to warm it up. And when pressed for time, I make up the recipe the night before, place the crock in the refrigerator. Before heading out the door the next morning, I plug it in & turn it on low. I've NEVER had a problem.

5/23/2012 11:49:48 AM

JENNAAW's SparkPage
I received a crock pot as a gift but until now I seldom used it because the recipes I found were not that healthy (too much emphasis on meat and pasta, etc.). But this is a great motivator!
5/23/2012 8:34:28 AM

OUBACHE's SparkPage
Great tips, thanks! I need to get more use out of my slow cooker.
3/12/2012 9:25:49 PM

52DIANE's SparkPage
I have used a crock pot for most of my married life abt. 30 years now and I just love it. Coming home after a long day of work and walking in to my house smelling wonderful is so inviting a calming. If you haven't tried it you are sure missing out.
3/2/2012 8:52:08 PM

I have used the crock pot to make hawaii bbq country ribs, stew chicken and other dishes.. food is very tender.

As for creating healthy recipes all you have to do is create your own recipes. And you can put anything that you want in it... You can choose how many ingredients that need to go in it.

For example: to make stew beef, chicken

Your choice of meats ( you may want to brown the meat or not)

Potatos, Onions, Mix Vegetables of your choice

You determine the spices you want to use ( you can use your favorite spice and limit it to maybe 3 or 4. See how it will come out.

Or you can buy the alreadt made spice and just add it to your crock pot

Start off on low temperature, then go to high. This depends on if you are home... if out reverse the temperature setting

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