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Slow and Easy Crockpot Cooking

You DO Have Time for Home Cooked Meals


8/19/2010 10:10:57 PM

I love (love, love, love, love) my Crockpot. I use it at least once a week (except for during the summer) to make yummy vegetarian food - casseroles or soup. Then I can use the left-overs in my lunch for the rest of week. Using a Crockpot helps you to get in a lot of veggies, too. Just as a note, I don't pre-cook anything, I just plop all the ingredients in the stonewear the night before, refrigerate it over night, and then put it in the actual cooker in the morning before work. The food smells (and tastes!) so good when I get home. :)
8/10/2010 1:16:20 PM

BLOND1E's SparkPage
Crockpots are awesome...and this coming from a relatively new user! The writer needs to revist some of their suggestions. I found a recipe for Red Beans and Turkey Kielbasa that is awesome, and guess what? You don't pre-cook the beans! You just have to follow the recipe and use enough water, and in fact, I've never had dried beans turn out better than they did in the Crockpot!

1 lb dried red kidney beans, 2 celery stalks chopped, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped green pepper, 1-2T of creole seasoning (to taste), 1 pkg Turkey kielbasa, 7 cups of water. Cook for 8 hrs on high. How easy is that?
8/3/2010 10:04:39 PM

Unless you either have a very small crock-pot or an abnormally large microwave I don't possibly see how you could microwave one. I have a large crock-pot and have to lovingly hand wash as it would never fit in the dishwasher much less the microwave.

Information I have is if the crock-pot is cold only put cold food in it and if the crock-pot is hot only hot food, not cold as you risk cracking the thing with the heat differences.

Word of advice to new users. Don't give up if one recipe doesn't work for you. I've had some bad results but also good results. It can take time to figure it out what works best for you. Read recipes closely because, yes, you can completely overcook something to mush, especially the machines without real timers just so many hours on a heat level. I highly recommend you set a timer to know where you are at or note down what time you started it. Also if you feel the need to stir, never open the pot in less than 2 hours because it can take at least that long for things sometimes to even get up to temp depending on how much and what it is and you are letting the heat out.

Reason on the canned soups, especially anything creamed, like cream of mushroom, is that unlike real dairy these aren't supposed to break down over that long process of cooking. Just like the stove if you are making say stroganoff you stir in the sour cream at the end, never boil it.
8/2/2010 3:49:08 PM

VBFSVSL's SparkPage
Crock pot cooking can be great, but what's the point if you have to simmer something on the stove for over an hour before you even put it into the recipe? I'm not seeing a time savings here... same goes for browning meat. If I have to get out a pan, you can be assured I'm not going to also get out my crock pot. HOWEVER, all in all some good info here.
6/11/2010 10:17:31 PM

My husband and I use our crockpot all the time. One of our favorites is roast in the crockpot. It requires the following:

Put in crock in this order...
1 package of mini-carrots (put on bottom of crock)
6 potatoes, cut length-wise, put these over the carrots
1 package of onion soup mix, over the carrots
1 roast
1 onion cut in slices/rings
Worchestshire Sauce-shake over the entire crock

Cook on low for 8-9 hours, there is no need to add an water, the moisture accumulates once the crock heats up, this is devine and the roast is tender, by the way, your entire house will smell fabulous! Enjoy! Kevin & Kari Eide
6/11/2010 7:12:23 PM

56_PICKLES's SparkPage
Since I have started eating clean, I have relied on my crock pot to help. Love it! So many leftovers too. Way better than the take out I used to do.
5/26/2010 6:41:39 AM

Janet, there are plenty of them right on Spark! Two of my favorites are Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken, and Slow Cooker Creamy Italian Chicken. Both easy and absolutely delicious! Not to mention they are healthy and can be "tweeked" to add more vegetables.
5/4/2010 8:26:13 AM

Anyone know of some HEALTHY crock pot recipes that dont require 20 ingredients?
4/19/2010 6:01:59 PM

SUGARSMOM2's SparkPage
I see the need for a second crock pot . If not a bigger crock pot . the one i have now is just not big enough to cook much . lots of ideas to put to use . thank you very much .
4/15/2010 4:17:02 PM

JANRENAE's SparkPage
3/22/2010 8:22:53 PM

SWEETDIXIE66's SparkPage
I been with spark people but i just came across this page , I am very interested in the crock pot which i have one got it for x mas , and still have not used it yet , I am new to the crock pot world , but i am very earger to start using mine , I have no clue how to do this , or i dont have any books or recipes can some one help me out with some recipes i would gratley appreciate it ,

very much thank you
2/4/2010 4:53:43 PM

I like to use my crock pot even when it isn't for a whole meal. You can put potatoes in on low for about 4 hours depending on the size of the potatoes, when they are finished they taste just like they were baked in the oven.
1/29/2010 1:53:27 PM

GO2GIRL99's SparkPage
i too luvvvvvvv taco soup is a staple at my house. I own 2 crockpots and use them both all the time....sometimes at the same time if we didnt have a crockpot my hubby would starve hahaha as work ite and he works days....and hes really not into cooking....tons of crockpot ideas online...just sub out the bad items with more healthy options....tried cooking with frozen veggies and its awful...they come out a soggy mess prob cuz i like my veggies witha lil cruch just my $.02
1/26/2010 4:19:02 PM

One reason not to put in frozen veggies (or meat) is because it can radically cool down everything. It not only slows down the cooking process, but if you dont add in the extra cooking time, to compensate for them , the meat may not heat/cook properly. Dangerous with Pork and Chicken especially. Bacteria from the meat never really gets killed properly.
Cant wait to try the Fix It and Forget It cookbook!
1/26/2010 2:02:17 PM

FOOHILDA's SparkPage
I love my crockpot!! It makes it easy for me to get dinner on the table after a long work day - or enables dh to get the kids fed if I'm going to be super late. I have a favorite blog that is full of crockpot recipes - some healthy - some not - all gluten free. I love the feedback she provides after she makes her recipes - really helps me make adjustments. I've made a bunch of her recipes - salmon with lemon and spinch - super healthy and easy (but you only cook it two hours - so it's good to throw it in - take the kids to the park or fold clothes and come back to DINNER! Her baked potato soup is great - the salsa chicken soup.... oh wow - the makhani chicken is simply heavenly...mmm...taco soup (I make it with turkey and skip the sourcream). ANYWAY - I'll have to add these recipes to the nutrition tracker and see how they work out calorie-wise now that I'm "working on my fitness".

Many of your family favorites can convert to the crock pot. The blog mentioned above gives you some hints on how to do that too.

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