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The Keys to Conquering Cholesterol

Do's and Don'ts for a Healthy Heart


7/19/2017 1:28:15 AM

NASFKAB's SparkPage
yes heredity plays part in cholesterol levels in the body so parts of this piece is incomplete
7/2/2017 1:00:38 PM

LRJUSTUS1's SparkPage
In the light of all the new research & studies that have come out IN THE LAST 12 YEARS..why does Spark continue to regurgitate older articles that some points within have clearly been overturned?
6/27/2017 8:35:57 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
and sometimes it is just not the food but your heredity that causes high cholesterol
6/25/2017 1:08:35 AM

LIS193's SparkPage
5/15/2017 6:50:54 AM

Besides working on my high blood-sugar, I'm working on my cholesterol, what a challenge.
5/11/2017 11:31:56 PM

NORASPAT's SparkPage
This is about the first article and read. My DH has his fathers GENES , his father was 60 when he died. He was very thin and agile, he never smoked but he did work in industry.
DH and I have read this article I printed it and he read it and I think the article is still in his home desk drawer.
5/8/2017 2:10:00 PM

I am very thankful for this article.
This is a very scary subject for me, with respect to family history!
Blessings, each of you :)
4/27/2017 5:41:48 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
there are times where we can eat all the healthy things which help keep cholesterol low and then something that we can not control comes in, our heredity. you just can not change what your family has given you
4/17/2017 3:30:12 AM

CTYONIT's SparkPage
If these tips don't work--try what I do-- I follow a LCHF diet and my cholesterol went down 90 points in 2 months.
4/15/2017 10:17:06 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I was just reading the information in the reference section on fats and oils at
nce_fats.asp and it has olives listed in 2 different section in the chart at the bottom of that page. In the fruits & veggies section is states to only have olives 3 or 4 times per week, but in the fats and oils section it states to choose Olives and olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil daily. Not that it really matters to me since I don't eat olives, but that is a bit confusing.
4/10/2017 4:37:17 PM

KACEYSW's SparkPage
I needed to see this again!
3/30/2017 7:35:59 AM

LEANJEAN6's SparkPage
great article!
3/27/2017 12:05:54 PM

Some days you just can't win! BUT! Then there are OTHERS!
3/2/2017 6:09:57 PM

Much of the information in this article does not apply if you are a diabetic. Diabetics need to eliminate things like bread, rice, pasta, etc for being high carb foods.
11/10/2016 1:53:15 PM

I am disappointed in the continuation of pushing old ideas based on non-scientific "proof" -- correlations, at best... and most studies are male-oriented.

New and REAL, proper scientific studies are actually disproving a lot of what you are touting.

Please, please, PLEASE start looking into updated information!

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