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The Bikini Diet

A Fun & Easy Way to Slim Down for Summer


5/18/2017 4:29:00 PM

KATIBUG49's SparkPage
I look at this as just another name for a fancy diet, we know what to do & we are alwasy trying to find the magic cure to weight gain!
5/10/2016 4:58:08 PM

This article is cute. Becky, please see my comments on this thread
(Why do people regain weight? by Coach Jen)

I really do want to thank you!
4/20/2016 3:10:43 PM

ANGEL_789's SparkPage
Some of these comments are killing me...come on people...The actual size of YOUR bikini has nothing to do with the portion sizes. Note it clearly states to use a 9 inch plate, then 1/4 should be your meat, 1/4 grains/starch, and 1/2 veggies. The bikini part is just a general visualization tool. It does NOT mean if you have D cups you get to eat more than someone with A cups.

4/8/2016 11:30:08 AM

You've got to be kidding! I could fit at least a couple of full days' food onto my bikini. So you're promoting anorexia for tiny people and binge eating for those who are already obese? Shame on you!
4/8/2016 11:21:59 AM

WOUBBIE's SparkPage
Did this article originally appear on April 1?
12/17/2015 9:52:56 AM

This was a great article. Very humorous. Who knows I may never wear a bikini, but if I use this method I might get closer- LOL
6/2/2015 7:22:13 AM

Sensible suggestions presented with a sense of humor. Very creative! Reading the comments though, some people didn't get it. Oh well.
6/1/2015 9:28:56 PM

Funny way of putting things. At my age and weight I'll stick to a full suit thank you. The way of portion control is important. Measuring in this way was imaginative,and well put.
6/1/2015 5:00:57 PM

SPARKLINGME176's SparkPage
Hilarious! & so true!!!!!
6/1/2015 4:41:24 PM

To help with tip #1 - How about 9" paper plates for Summer! Dance ~Woo Hoo~ with all the free time from dishes. The bikini visualizations should help all readers this season!!! Thank you.
6/1/2015 12:29:12 PM

KFUGETT's SparkPage
As a dietitian, I really like this article! It's cheesy, sure, but it got my attention, and taught true principles of nutrition in a memorable, visual way. Thanks for the tips!
6/1/2015 11:40:44 AM

This article was silly and very complicated.
6/1/2015 5:57:43 AM

Good for a giggle!
4/19/2015 11:31:02 AM

Loved this visual! So much easier to think of portion sizes now!
1/22/2015 1:59:17 PM

BELDAME's SparkPage
You could wear my bikini cup for a hat, so this really would not work for me.

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