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Smoothie Smarts

Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Treats


3/27/2009 11:21:51 PM

Herbalife french vanilla is the greatest with a banana and some oj and ice---perfect
3/24/2009 1:53:57 PM

i recently start with herbalife shakes(smoothies) can someone comment please,is it a healthy choice.I want to lose some pounds.
3/21/2009 9:56:18 PM

I received a new blender as a gift and will be putting it to use!
3/18/2009 11:32:23 PM

SUNZETTE's SparkPage
OMG! Smoothies are just so fresh and delicious!
I have to admit when i'm craving sweets during the summer I run for a smoothie. And when everyone else is picking up ice cream cones, I'm checking out what different kind of fruits to throw into my smoothie!

If you haven't tried one, you just have to! Yum yum yum :)

3/18/2009 4:13:48 PM

TRACYHILL007's SparkPage
My husband and I LOVE smoothies! The best is called a Sunshine Smoothie! It includes: 1/4 cup frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup frozen cantaloupe, 1/4 frozen pineapple, 1/4 cup orange juice. It is awesome! Try it!
3/18/2009 12:09:26 PM

Can any smoothie experts point me to some wisdom/recipes for making healthy smoothies for the whole family?
3/14/2009 11:57:46 PM

I have texture issues and can't drink smoothies...or milkshakes, or eat puddings, or custards, or mashed potatos..pureered food make me want to gag! So who doesn't love them....ME!
3/13/2009 7:18:35 AM

I make smoothies with yogurt but never thought of cottage cheese. Sounds good and I plan to try it.
3/12/2009 5:24:40 PM

Did I miss the recipes with ingredients and measurements?
3/8/2009 4:15:31 PM

LAILUU's SparkPage
I love smoothies!!!! I have gotten it down to an art form. They are a wonderful way to get carbs via bananas esecially if you are having a raw food day :)
3/8/2009 1:22:34 PM

3/5/2009 8:56:48 AM

if anyone lives in or around franklin,tn you have to try 9 fruits by otters in cool springs they have amazin all natural smoothies
3/3/2009 9:48:50 PM

What ever works.. sounds good worth a try for sure!!
3/3/2009 1:52:36 PM

SARAMDL's SparkPage
Cholate soy milk is great in smoothies. It allows you to add a chocolatey flavor without all the calories. I add frozen strawberries, banana's and Silk light chocolate soy milk to my smoothies! It's great!
3/3/2009 12:58:40 PM

BONNIESUE67's SparkPage
I love making smoothies! I buy frozen fruit add half cup 1% and half cup water, some lowfat yogurt, honey, yum!

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