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Smoothie Smarts

Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Treats


7/28/2013 10:11:41 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. Love smoothie.
12/24/2012 11:23:48 AM

ONMYMEDS's SparkPage
I got hooked on smoothies three years ago when I broke my jaw. I ate through a straw for eight weeks. You can make just about anything into a smoothie, but there are some things that should be ingested in their traditional state. Trust me on this.
12/24/2012 7:57:48 AM

I feel like the only person on earth who does not like smoothies. However, I'm glad there are so many options for those who do.
12/24/2012 7:21:47 AM

CURLYGURL68's SparkPage
I've been doing smoothies for about six months. They are not fancy. What I buy are either the frozen strawberries or frozen raspberri mix. Reason being I get a lot more strawberries frozen than the fresh produce.

I started off putting a little bit of yogurt and milk. But now I've eliminted the milk and put one scoop of greek yogurt. At times I don't put anything at all. I want to start makking the veggies ones.
10/4/2012 5:34:30 PM

I used to never like to eat in the morning but then I discovered smoothies. I use my food processor rather than the blender -- I think it's easier to clean. My standard smoothie lately has been 1/2 C frozen blueberries, 1T unsweetened cocoa, ~6 oz greek yogurt or Kefir (non-fat and unsweetened), a generous shake of cinnamon, and a scoop of Vanilla protein powder. Then I stuff in as much spinach as I can. I often add ground flaxseeds or a small piece of ginger root, and a tsp or so of orange-flavored fish oil or even olive oil to get my healthy fats. If it needs to be sweeter I'll add some Truvia or a different blend of fruits.
I was excited to find fresh cranberries back in the stores yesterday -- this morning's smoothie include 1/2 C of them.
I blend until very creamy, adding water if needed, or a slash of almond or coconut milk.

They tend to be a little high in calories, but breakfast is when I can afford them, and it lasts me until lunch.
9/19/2012 12:21:31 PM

I make this yummy smoothie every day. It only takes 2 minutes from ingredients to a delicious and filling meal!
1 C frozen unsweetened strawberries
1 C Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbs ground flax seed
2 scoops Carb Solutions vanilla protein shake mix
3-4 ice cubes
Blend all ingredients on high and enjoy!

Any fresh or frozen fruit works well, since the shake mix and almond milk are neutral flavors and go with anything.
If I'm out of shake mix, I'll use 1/2 cup of nonfat greek yogurt. Vanilla is great, or plain with a little non-caloric sweetener.
1/31/2012 1:35:38 PM

FLBBWFOX's SparkPage
Loved the article and love smoothies:) I use skim milk, frozen fruit, splenda and some ice cubes and yummm.
9/24/2011 3:39:13 PM

I love to have a Goin Green Smoothie in the morning. I get a helping of veggies and fruit in one drink. It is pretty filling as well. As for the added sugar, I understand the concern but truthfully speaking some people will add sugar. May as well get a few tips. For those that are not suffering with diabetes and who can add sugar to their smoothy it is probably OK to do within reason. The alternatives mentioned here are a far better option than the ones sold at those chain stores that claim to make healthy smoothies.
9/2/2011 7:29:34 PM

Sugar? Why would you add sugar to your smoothie? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of it being healthy. Other ingredients such as fruit juice are probably not a healthy alternative since fruit itself would be the purest form and most fruit juices have added sugars.. I also wouldn't add canned fruit that has syrup in it - more added sugars even when draining the syrup, it leaves the sugars behind on the fruit.

I'm all for low-fat but many people don't realize that sugar turns into fat especially when you take in too much. For those of us who are diabetic, it's not an option. It's great that this article states to steer away from smoothies made with ice cream, whole milk and cream, but why would you then state to add sugar or maple syrup (unless it's sugar free)?

Fresh or frozen fruit would be the best options and if you need more sweetness, add a little sweetener. Sweeteners such as Stevia are much more sweeter than sugar and don't affect your blood sugar or turn into fat.
4/18/2011 10:19:57 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
Made a good one yesterday in Magic Bullet:
1/2 cup canned apricots with the juice
1/2 banana
6 frozen strawberries
Ate with spoon.
4/18/2011 9:35:44 AM

Visit for Angela's green monster recipes. Yum! Nutrition power houses.
3/31/2011 1:03:05 PM

ENZO1979's SparkPage
VOLUPVIRGO - Do what NESSAROZE said, and remember if you make it similar most of the time don't forget to save it as a group for even easier input. Also, you could always add up everything manually and input it as a custom food as well.
2/2/2011 11:30:05 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
I used to use a magic bullet but I used yoghurt as a base (it SAID it was "low fat") and added hard red wheat, flax, raw sunflower seeds and steel cut oats . I am not sure it was that good for me but it had a nice texture and a nutty flavour.
1/14/2011 2:27:53 PM

VOLUPVIRGO - Just add each ingredient separately into the tracker.
12/30/2010 3:13:43 PM

The smoothies sound great but I'm wondering how you add them to your nutritional tracker

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