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Smoothie Smarts

Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Treats


10/25/2010 9:46:45 AM

Yes. Kale is good in a smoothie- but you got to get the hard stems off. As is watercrest and lamb's lettuce.
I prefer fresh fruit in my smoothie. My blender probably won't cope with anything too hard.

10/18/2010 12:48:30 AM

I discovered frozen grapes this year and I LOVE them! They feel like major "treats"!
10/4/2010 2:42:48 PM

BRSMOMMY's SparkPage
okay so stupid question.... I love smoothies for breakfast but I really have zero time in the morning for anything... can these be made and then frozen?? I realize you can use frozen ingredients but can the actual end result be frozen to be used throughout the week?
9/8/2010 2:52:20 PM

i have always heard that kale is a great vegetable but never thought of putting it in a smoothie... will try recipe given below with fruit. sounds kinda yucky but i will not know until it try! thanks for sharing your recipe!
8/15/2010 4:33:13 PM

These are an easy and satisfying way to get nutrients and the right amounts of fruit and veg- but I am shocked that canned produce is even suggested. It is so high in sugar and depleted of nutrients (seems to be less fiber rich too), seems counterproductive. The frozen fruit is a good way to keep it cool without watering it down, but always use at least 1/2 fresh fruit.

Smoothies are an awesome place to add: flaz, flax seed oil, wheat germ, green superfoods, protein powder.

8/11/2010 8:42:27 PM

TEALADY2612's SparkPage
one can vanilla slim fast and sugar free green tea signal. some ice. the best.
7/29/2010 3:13:35 PM

freezing fruits and veggies breaks them down at the cellular level, and nutrients will be destroyed. If you freeze them, try not to leave them in there for over a week.
7/25/2010 1:43:01 PM

Matcha green tea powder is full on antioxidents etc. I buy it at a Japanese grocery. It is a very fine powder not tea leaves. Comes in a small green tin and costs about 8 or 9 dollars . This recipe tastes like a sherbet.
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup soy or almond milk
1 tsp ingredient grade matcha
Blend ingredients together Pour into a tall glass with or without ice. Experiment with other fruit juices like mango, apricot or pineapple.
7/25/2010 12:00:35 PM

JMHEART's SparkPage
Smoothies are delicious with rice milk. I make smoothies with frozen fruit, organic juice and rice milk. For a smoothie with an ice cream texture add a few small pieces of frozen banana. Add juice, rice milk to the blender first then add the frozen fruit (this makes the blender work better). My students love the smoothies I make in my classroom following the above recipe. I serve them in a five ounce cup with a slice of home made bread
7/22/2010 7:50:35 PM

LEANJEAN6's SparkPage
I make a smoothy quite often with 1% mild, a banana, flax seed (ground)--bran, lethicin and oat bran-very filling!
7/19/2010 3:15:38 PM

love green smoothies only way i get my greens today i did peach mint and swiss chard and a bannana swiss chard has a strong taste
7/17/2010 11:25:30 PM

I get lazy cooking vegetables so it is very convenient for me to just mix 8 oz of water, with an apple, a cup of strawberries, and a packed cup of shredded kale. VERY GOOD! If I don't have strawberries, I use fresh pineapple. SO good! Filling, too! You don't really need to put sugar, but if you like to sweeten it a bit, you can use stevia.
7/13/2010 1:55:08 PM

I1RGT00's SparkPage
I am a new member, but I am surprised no one mentioned making a "green" smoothie. I drink them almost daily. Use the same fruit but add a cup or two of spinach or kale. The fruit sugars tricks your tongue and you don't taste the vegs. If you need an example go to YouTube and search on "green smoothies". Its best making it with a high-speed blender (like a Vitamix, Blendtech or Health Master), but the much cheaper Ninja Blender will do in smaller amounts. And if your kids are not eating their vegs - well here you go. My favorite recipe is: 1 cup grapes, 1/2 cup fresh pineapple, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup ice, 1/2 cup real black cherry juice (for energy) and half a banana. Its yummy and very good for you.
6/27/2010 7:19:44 PM

This is going to help me out this summer big time! I can give these to my son instead of popscicles and other crud. This is much healthier and a lot less boring then oatmeal every morning for breakfast!
6/24/2010 5:22:26 PM

NU-START's SparkPage
Great ideas about freezing the fruit, expecially washing off the canned fruit. And of course you have to watch your portions! UGH That's my problem, I could drink the whole blender!

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