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Snacking Healthy

Add Snacks to Subtract Pounds


7/23/2017 9:24:14 AM

LEANJEAN6's SparkPage
good ideas!
7/2/2017 9:51:53 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
Good article. Thanks!
6/23/2017 11:07:48 PM

great article
6/19/2017 7:55:52 AM

RHOOK20047's SparkPage
Some awesome ideas.
6/17/2017 9:50:53 AM

Great tips
6/7/2017 6:43:37 PM

MOM1014's SparkPage
I like 15 raw cashews as my mid afternoon snack. It keeps me away from something worse and is good protein.
5/30/2017 10:34:50 AM

1SUNBUMM11's SparkPage
Single servings help me, especially if I want something crunchy or salty.
5/24/2017 11:33:45 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
my snacks are usually a nice piece of fruit with a glass of water and maybe a few nuts
5/23/2017 12:26:13 PM

CTYONIT's SparkPage
Snacks are good--but for me, snacking at night leads to bingeing.
5/22/2017 3:41:55 PM

BABY_GIRL69's SparkPage
Also carrying nuts,bananas and yogurt. They pretty much carry themselves....
5/20/2017 7:19:49 AM

HMBROWN1's SparkPage
Planned snacks (healthy) are a great way to keep on track!
5/20/2017 5:56:26 AM

Using all the suggestions given.
5/13/2017 10:21:17 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
Snacks are an intergral part of my life and that includes a bedtime snack. Small meals are good if you are eating within your calorie range.
5/11/2017 8:02:08 PM

LIN1263's SparkPage
I eat every 3 hours, 5 small meals daily and a slightly larger supper, 6 meals total. I will sometimes eat chocolate or ice cream for a snack at 100 calorie amounts,sometimes 100 calories of popcorn or nuts. I consider no food off limits as this is a lifetime eating plan and not a diet. I do not want fruit all the time for a snack as long as I get my proper nutrition for that day. One time a month I go out to eat, sometimes fish & chips and plan in advance for 7 days before. For the 7 days I eat 100 calories less and make sure to get my daily exercise in to make up for this. The 700 calories is sometimes divided among supper and a larger snack or slightly larger lunch. I go out with a friend on this day. The day I go out I also walk for 2 hours before I go out. I have lost 40 pounds!
5/11/2017 4:11:14 PM

TANYA5175's SparkPage
good read

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