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Best and Worst Cookout Foods

Did Your Favorites Make the Cut?


9/4/2016 7:10:37 AM

Well, everybody who commented recently made my points! Last cook out I had TWO lean beef patties-no bun- and some veggies. If I wanted a bun, I would have one burger on a WW bun. Wanting sandwiches of any kind is psychological. I've learned to enjoy lots of foods without the extra bread and condiments. I still get a double double animal style at In n Out if I travel out west. No lettuce leaf wrap.
9/4/2016 2:16:25 AM

JENNKFIT's SparkPage
September 4, 2016

This article is from back at least March 2008. Why is this popping up as a new article Spark People? The first comment for this article is from March 29, 2008...why is this being pushed as a new article on the website? Why are there rarely any dates on your articles anymore? Then we find out they're almost 10 years old now?!
6/7/2012 12:06:47 AM

I agree with many others. This article needs an update. Give me a grass-fed beef burger with all the trimmings, no bun and a big fresh salad. Just say no to processed turkey and soy concoctions. In fact, just say no to processed food like substances. I'll get down from the soapbox now.
6/6/2012 3:15:28 PM

@imnorah; bringing my own food has never made me feel left out. It's partially expected that each guest bring a covered dish :/ It's considered a "good gesture" to bring a covered dish to a potluck or cookout.
6/6/2012 12:36:05 PM

It's funny how the comments from 3-4 years ago are all positive..."great article!", "I love the lettuce leaf idea!!", etc.
The more recent comments are like "what the h*ll??"

I agree with the more recent comments. I think beef gets a bad wrap in a big way, and turkey is not as good as the 'turkey industry' wants you to think it is. There are healthier alternatives out there that doesn't need to go overboard. I know that when I go to a BBQ, I don't bring my own prepared food, and I don't ask someone to cook something special for me.I don't bring my own tea! If you do, more power to you. I just feel like I'm taking away from half the fun of socializing with people and focusing on what I'm eating. I have a good time eating what's provided IN MODERATION. And that doesn't mean I have to eat all that's offered. If you go over your daily allowance a bit, then cut back on something else. I feel like that should be the extent of the worry that goes into a picnic.
I wish there would be less articles of 'eat this. don't you dare eat that', and more 'how to lose weight and still able to socialize without feeling like an outcast'.
6/6/2012 11:28:50 AM

Whenever I go to a cookout, I make sure to bring something that meets my dietary needs :)
No pressure on the host, no worries that my needs will be met.
Maybe it's just me, but I've never seen someone bring a Blueberry pie to a cookout O_o.
Nor serve 4oz burgers :p
Also, buttered buns sound a bit gross IMHO.
5/31/2012 2:36:35 PM

I couldn't edit my first post, so I'm adding this comment. Did anyone else notice that the earliest comments are from 2008?????

I wish SP would put dates on their articles, and ONCE IN A WHILE - update them!! There are many choices available now that might not have been readily available when this article was first written. There are so many newer light salad dressings, leaner ground beef, bison, etc., that it behooves SP to keep their articles fresh.
5/31/2012 2:29:59 PM

Lean ground beef is a better choice than fatty ground turkey. Unless you read the labels on both packages, you will be fooled into thinking the ground turkey is better for you. What the author fails to mention is that while white-meat turkey breast IS leaner than burger, the manufacturers add turkey fat & ground turkey skin to the meat, and often use dark turkey meat.

Gee, it's a no-brainer that water has fewer calories than sweet tea or lemonade! But, the secret of keeping to a healthy weight is learning how to make choices. If a person chooses sweet tea, then they know to cut back on something else. Also, the author assumes that the sweet tea and lemonade are made with sugar, while many people use artificial sweeteners, or just less sugar - which will change the calories.

Also, the calorie & fat comparisons are questionable. If you make your own lightened version of potato salad, it's a lot less calories & fat. Low-fat cheese is a good alternative to high fat cheese on your burgers.

Personally - I HATE these "generic" eat this/not that articles. Unless the author can provide REAL specifics, they are a waste of time.
5/31/2012 2:05:17 PM

MSPOOH404's SparkPage
How does 8 oz of unsweetened tea have fewer calories than 8 oz of water with lemon?
5/31/2012 1:25:00 PM

PSAVACH's SparkPage
This article doesn't really come from a good place. Sure you shouldn't eat some of these things often but to say having a burger with a lettuce leaf instead of a bun is just silly. This is why we see so many people losing weight and looking sickly. If you starve yourself and don't get enough carbs and fat you'll just end up sick and unhealthy and end up yo-yoing. They need to be posting more articles about balancing a meal and moderation and less articles about eat this and not that.

Kylar, yes being around other people can cause a lot of problems. My wife and I sometimes play off of each other's weaknesses and end up making bad decisions sometimes even several times in a row but usually one of us will do our best to make sure we at least do it reasonably. As for friends, I just had to stop hanging out with people that are going to cause me to sabotage. For the most part though, I just got to the point where I don't let myself care about what other people think and if they aren't supportive then I don't need them.
5/31/2012 12:50:11 PM

SLOVE2DANCE2381's SparkPage
Beef and some salads are getting a bad wrap here! Ground dark turkey has more calories and equal fat to a regular burger so no gain there! Always read the labels!! All turkey isn't the same! To save on calories & fat for my salads I use fat free Greek yogurt or light Miracle whip instead. Venison wursts or burger are excellent and about zero fat! Just very difficult to find unless you know a hunter. I sometimes add choppped zucchini or spinach to my burgers to keep them moist, boost my veggies and helps keep the calories down,
5/31/2012 11:58:19 AM

JESSIG5's SparkPage
JennaAW, a healthier bbq sauce is one which does not start with corn syrup. If you read the labels on the sauces in the grocery, many of them start with corn syrup. Some are tomato based. I learned this here on Spark. If I don't make my own sauce, then I choose one which is tomato based with the least amount of sugar. Then I add my own seasonings. Usually, I just make my own sauce.
5/31/2012 10:30:53 AM

Not a turkey dog fan; I prefer 97% Fat Free Hebrew Nationals. Only place I've ever found them near me is WalMart, but they are worth the trip; just wish they were uncured, as well. Oh, and as for the veggie burger on a lettuce leaf--LOL. Seriously, what's the point? I like some veggie burgers, but the lettuce leaf thing, I just find to be overkill. I do like 100-calorie sandwich thins, tho', instead of a regular bun. But, overall, I agree with those who say beef gets a bad rap in this and other articles; it doesn't have to be fatty, and can actually have fewer calories than turkey--and tastes better! I just add a bit of olive oil before making the patties when I use the extra lean stuff; otherwise, they cook up like drywall. :D
5/31/2012 9:48:14 AM

Kylar, Peer pressure doesn't stop once you are out of school, but you have to realise what it is - this way you can nip that peer pressure in the butt! Just bring your own hot dogsor "burgers" in a container without the tell tale wrapper. I find most people can't tell the difference just looking at it, so be with the guys and just tell them you have these made especially for you! (Don't share - and watch how many want to take a bite of yours - you might even get a few converts!)
5/31/2012 9:01:38 AM

Buffalo burgers are another good lower fat alternative for the meat, especially if you can get grass feed. We've enjoyed them for several years now.

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