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Enhance the Flavor of Your Food

Improve Taste without Calories, Fat or Sodium


1/5/2018 12:40:08 PM

spices mmm
8/2/2016 6:28:07 AM

My family still prefers foods to not have herbs in them, no matter how fresh or organic. They like chili powder or paprika, but nothing green, especially parsley and cilantro makes them sick, just the smell of it is disgusting. So salt and pepper is mostly enough. Rosemary and tarragon also is off putting.
4/20/2015 7:40:43 AM

I have always been heavy handed on the seasonings. My family and friends always reach for a plate at my house. I like to sprinkle chili powder on potatoes and I have my own spice blend. I have cut back on salt until I can't enjoy take-out food because it always taste too salty.
8/27/2014 2:00:40 PM

Unfortunately, herbs are not very tasty to my family, and they only enjoy butter or cheese or onion and garlic, buying herbs no matter how "organic" or "fresh" does not turn them on one bit.
11/3/2013 3:52:46 PM

Great ideas! I'm always looking for herbs to make broccoli taste better. Usually I use garlic but if anyone has ideas, please share. Thanks!
6/11/2013 8:47:54 AM

AMANDAJOE0713's SparkPage
Great article! I am always looking for ways to boost up my bland cooking, haha.
3/6/2013 9:05:39 PM

unless i'm mistaken, butter is neither fat-free nor an herb.
1/2/2013 8:10:33 AM

Love the spice blend suggestions. I'd love to see more of these.
11/2/2012 6:13:58 PM

BARBANNA's SparkPage
I love salsa on everything but I am sure it has some sodium. Great article!
7/16/2012 10:31:03 PM

SPARKLINGME176's SparkPage
What a fun idea, my own spices added to make gifts, too!
7/16/2012 6:11:03 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been in a rut lately trying to figure out some way of changing the same old recipes up. I will have to try some oif these. I am heading to the grocery store tomorrow and stocking up on some more spices for sure!!!
7/16/2012 5:58:27 PM

DENISE223's SparkPage I was writing....... ; ) .........
But, unless I follow a recipe, I don't have a clue as to what spices/herbs to use.
Hopefully this article will help change that : ) !!

Peace & Happiness,

7/16/2012 5:49:45 PM

DENISE223's SparkPage
Thanks for the article.
When I decided to become vegan (after being vegetarian for MANY years), I purchased lots of spices, herbs, etc...... (through Penzey's - LOVE THEM!)
7/16/2012 4:34:38 PM

How could they leave out tarragon for poultry?

And then there's the classic, put just a little coriander in the grinder along with your black pepper. (Actually, I use cayenne pepper almost exclusively.)

But the biggest find I've made recently is sumac. It's widely used in the middle east, one of the oldest culinary herbs It has a wonderful lemony taste, and if you do a web search for it, you'll find a lot of health claims made for it.

Oh, and of course, I never make any kind of beans or soup without putting a piece of kombu kelp in it. Really amps up the nutrition, and it adds the undefinable "yummy" factor that's the other oriental taste.

We buy all our herbs and spices at a local health food store. It's incredibly cheaper, and everything's way fresher, has a lot better flavor than from the grocery store.
7/16/2012 4:10:29 PM

This is right on time for me as I am learning to season veggies and chicken in a more healthy manner. Thanks!

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