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Eating for a Healthy Heart

A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan


5/15/2018 9:26:08 PM

5/1/2018 8:59:14 PM

4/30/2018 10:01:18 PM

JAMER123's SparkPage
Working on these. Drinking is only non-alcohol in nature so that's a go and a do.
4/29/2018 5:42:34 AM

JSTETSER's SparkPage
Hi Becky,
I'm working on those healthy fats. I'd appreciate seeing more articles on the fats.
4/27/2018 5:09:46 PM

I do and do not most of the list so must be doing pretty good. Am only a few points over in numbers but not worried. Tri and HDL are awesome and will not go on meds just over a few points.
4/18/2018 2:06:29 AM

Thank you for the information.
4/17/2018 7:15:55 AM

BONNIE1552's SparkPage
Doing these already. Need more consistency in getting them done.
4/13/2018 9:21:12 PM

HARRIETT14's SparkPage
This was a very informative article. Thank you.
4/13/2018 4:00:40 PM

Some good information.
4/11/2018 6:43:10 PM

PAULA3420's SparkPage
I have learned so much through Spark's Nutrition tracker about my sodium intake. I love cheese and did not realize how much sodium it contains. I still need to cut back on my sodium intake.
3/18/2018 4:08:29 AM

SUSU76's SparkPage
Very delicious recipe. Tried to change with a variety tips
3/15/2018 5:15:11 AM

STANBUSH's SparkPage
These are good tips and reminders.. thanks.
3/14/2018 6:45:19 AM

HMBROWN1's SparkPage
Great reminders!
3/2/2018 8:52:36 PM

KHALIA2's SparkPage
You nailed it with this article! Great info, thank you!
1/23/2018 3:51:58 PM

1FARMER's SparkPage
I track my sodium to keep it below 1500.

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